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Well, more precisely, the half of Me… the one inside the hideout

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It is easy to tell my story. I live in a heavy dichotomy: between a normal life of studies and a strictly respected education path , and a second one, where I seek to express myself through the arts.
I believe this is the case for a lot of people.
The first one is going well. I have a Job, good earnings, professional satisfactions and a comfortable place in society. The other one is a continuous search began in the 90s, when I chose to unfold myself through the arts.
In 1994 I sold my violin after three years of studies to buy my first guitar, which was a room ornament until 1999, when I wrote my first song, “Welcome to Ireland”. The flow of reasons that brought me to write a song are very difficult to explain. In that case it was my surprise and love for the Irish people, who wear a smile in face of the bad weather… always. If I read my lyrics, I clearly see that my basic drivers are the desire to explain happiness and to reveal our human traits. These are the two aspects that I really love to write about, because maybe they have meanings and concepts truly shareable with a potential listener.
So I started a more songwriting-oriented path at the “University of Music in Rome”. In parallel (1994-1997) I attended private lessons in oil painting and sculpture, and then (1997-1999) I joined the choir of my high school, with the director Fabrizio Barchi. In 2005 I finished my experience at UM, recording 13 guitar and vocal tracks. "Dear John" gave me the chance to advertise my art by winning in 2006 the International Festival of Songs of Piombino, including the award for best interpretation.
The final exhibition was the moment where I usually find the memory that pushes to go on writing songs. During that final there were around 800-1000 people in the plaza. Before the final part of “dear John”, I make a pause after a B7, followed by a G. When I reached that point of the song, the crowd was quite and the silence was incredible. But a young female voice (I didn’t see her face because of the stage lights in front of my eyes) screamed aloud “Bravo”, and, despite the fact that I was playing, I heard her. I still remember the shivers. I was unknown, playing a song unknown as well, but able to give emotions. This is the reason why I still compose. For that young girl.
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This was also the period when my band 'BASH' began (see the BIO BASH). "Crumblin' Lover" represented the first piece arranged by the band (at that time we were called Luca Bashin' Monkeys). In 2007 we joined again The Festival of Piombino with this song and we got the Best Arrangement award.
Today I live between music and work, sacrificing everything else.
A 36 hour day would be helpful…
In 2011 the Bash adventure ended. Rick, bass, went to Barcelona. Giovanni, guitar, moved to Milan. We tried with David and Fabio an attempt to rebuild our project, but we had incompatible schedules. So "Bash" became part of the history.
In 2012 I went to Turin to follow my “ordinary” life aspirations. After some months of settling in, I met Giovanni again, my previous band guitarist, because Milan and Turin are "quite" close. "Only" 130 km.
We decided to compose again and to assemble a new band. Meanwhile I took my notebook and I re-started writing songs.
In 2013 we started recording our first tracks, still without a project "container", in other words without a clear masterplan.
The 17th of April 2013 I had a serious accident on my motorbike. I woke up after a 5 days of coma in a bed, with tubes, pills and a third of my spine broken, accompanied by some ribs and a shoulder collapsed as well.
After 5 months I was ok and able to do all the things I used to do before that crash. A miracle, If I were a believer. A big BIG B I G stroke of luck, It probably was.
With this behind me one thing became clear: I had written a lot of songs which had never seen the light of day.
And so the CMYK project started. For me it is a way to “print” my art, and no matter how many followers I'll get or the resonance it will have. I have to do it. I need to do It.