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    Giovanni Pes

  • Giova Pes' Bio
    I was born in La Maddalena the 12th of October 1975. I began my musical career at age 12 by taking private lessons in classical guitar. After a year I continued my studies by myself, playing in various plazas of my region, the northern of Sardinia, with bands pop rock and melodic.
    The studies I made by myself ended in 2003 when I enrolled at the Seminars Nuoro Jazz, by joining it for the following two editions. Until September 2004, when I leaved from Sardinia to Rome for the UM - University of Music.
    At the same time I found a music band called '4BLUES blues', a music band that still is playing in the area of the Costa Smeralda.
    In 2005 I was involved into arranging and recording the guitars in the CD of a famous Sardinian songwriter: PARIS NOVO, by making the presentation in a musical evening which was taken in the native country, in December.
    In that year I took the certification in Multistylish Guitar, finishing my studies in UM and I began the collaboration with the songwriter Matteo CECI. With him, the following year, I recorded the video clip for the television broadcast TALENZ, produced by the renowned roman musical producer Rino Fiumara.
    In 2006 I met the songwriter Luca Bash, which in the period between November 2006 and June 2007 I worked with, as arranger and tour musician. In the July of the same year, I joined the same songwriter's band called BASH. By participating to the musical contest 'Festival della canzone di Piombino', where we won the award for best arrangement.
    2007 was also the year of my certification in Jazz Guitar in the UM, where I was hired for the year 2007 to 2008 as a teacher in jazz guitar, harmony and musical interpretation.
    In 2008 I recorded with the BASH the cd On Air, and I participated in that album promotion, carried out by Luca Bash in the main clubs of Rome.
    In 2011 I left to Milan and the Bash project ended, by my side. The reason was a new and a better job, not regarding music.
    In 2013 I met again Luca Bash, between Turin and Milan, and we started again our collaboration in an acoustic Duo. CMYK is our 2014 project.
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    Alessandro Matilli

    Keyboards, Piano
  • Alessandro Matilli's Bio
    Hello everyone, my name is Alessandro Matilli. I was born in Rome at 7:20 of Friday, April 14, 1978. During these years passed between school walls (kindergarten, elementary and middle) I understood I got a certain interest in the arts and music. Thanks to that, my parents subscribe me in a soccer school... anyway.
    Between school books, games and kicking a ball I learned the 7 musical notes applied to an electronic keyboard (gift from my parents for First Communion). My mother, by seeing her son dabbling, immediately subscribed him in a music school (Soccer goes on... do not worry).
    My parents, by seeing such a poor result by football, retired my soccer shoes and bought a piano and a lot was going to change.
    I began to study everything from Hanon, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bartok, Litz etc etc ... but also theory, music theory, music history and music dictated.
    Despite I am an all genre music lover, I have a certain interest in music Rock, Funk and Blues. With my walkman I listen to everything: the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple etc. etc.
    During the high school I met my Bassist / friend David Medina, which I started various musical experiments with, including joining Emergenza Rock, in the “Segnali di Fumo” Band.
    Once achieved the High School certification, I immediately left with my friend Brad for Tibet where I attend a course in Tibetan language and I worked for about seven years as a Buddhist Monk.
    In September 2000 I went back to Rome and I subscribed to UM (University of Music in Rome)
    During that period in the University of Music in Rome, I learned musical knowledge from the best italian pianists, keyboard players and musicians: Riccardo Fassi, Andrea Benevento, Riccardo Biseo, Pino Iodice, Stefano Cataldi, Stefano Sastro Andrea Polinelli and Ettore Gentile. I went deep into the study and the practice of keyboards, synths and organ and ... A new world doors get wide open.
    In June 2006 I finished with excellent grades the University of Music in Rome with the Diploma of the 5th year of Piano, Keyboards, Theory and History of Music.
    In 2006 Luca Bash, with a delicate effervescence, gave me a chance to join his band (covers Dave Matthews Band for live, plus songs written by Luca as well).
    I accepted immediately, and the core team was formed: Luca Bash (Voice and Guitar), Riccardo Ascani (Bass), Jordan Esposito (Sax) and myself on keyboards and piano.
    Fabrizio Rodio (guitar) and Andrea Scali (drums) left to seek their fortune in the Far West. Replaced in a world time record with Giovanni Pes (guitar) and Alessandro Cioffi (Drums). So we started proposing our music. A band of all UM students, a group of boys from all parts of Italy, a beautiful rock group, a good funk band.
    We did several concerts in Rome, where we were appreciated as a cover band and as a band with original songs as well, but the top we achieved was during the Summer Festival of Piombino in 2007, where a jury gave us the prize of Best arrangement for the song Crumblin' Lover, written by Luca Bash and arranged by the entire band.
    The name of the band was changed many times, "Luca Bashin’ Monkeys", Luca Bash Band, etc. etc. in the end we opted for BASH.
    Back in Rome, we recorded our promo cd (6 original songs in English), but, like famous bands usually do, we suffered the euphoria/melancholy and our saxophonist Giordano Esposito, for reasons still unknown. So he left the band and returned to his land, Sardinia.
    In 2011 The Bash project ended for the reason written widely in this site. Now I join the Mardi Gras, a roman rock band.
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    Riccardo Ascani

  • Ric Ascani's Bio
    I started studying music, directly focused on bass, when I was 15. The style I initially approached was rock and punk-rock.
    So, in early high school period I got my first chances to play live and tasted this wonderful passion.
    In 2003 I moved to Rome, attending the UM school. With this choice I had the opportunity to study different styles and techniques, guided by Pino Saracini, David de Caprio and Antonio De Luise.
    In 2004 I met Luca Bash and I join his project.
    In 2006 I joined also the band iSherazade with Cristiana Ranieri (Famous Italian Singer Massimo Ranieri's daughter), Dino Barba (drums), Mario Zaccagnini (guitar) and Luca Benvenuto (keyboards). The setlist is based on Neapolitan songs, Italian pop music, pop and of course the best tracks of Massimo Ranieri.
    I completed in 2008 my education path with the certificate of the University of Music, finding my way in pop and funk, mainly.
    In 2011 I moved to Barcelona for work. I left all my music projects to start a new adventure.
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    Alessandro Cioffi

  • Ale Cioffi's Bio
    I was born in Fragneto L'Abate (BN) in 1980. Just when I was 5 I got the passion for the wonderful world of the drums.
    When 12, I undertake the study of percussion and in particular the drums, with the master Julius Constantius, following my teacher at the Conservatory "L. Perosi "in Campobasso.
    At 16, I started my career as a professional drummer, working with many formations jazz, pop and rock.
    I went on, overwhelmed by an increasing expertise and enthusiasm, with my studies by following various teachers, including: Gaetano Fasano, Maurizio of infirmaries, Peter iodice and Ezio Zaccagnini. I attend various drum seminars held by: Gary Chifferi, Christian Mayer, Gavin Harrison, Vinnia Colaiuta, AndrË Ciccarelli, Tullio De Episcopo.
    In 2007 I start working with the "bb orchestra"", directed by Umberto Aucone of Benevento, and Bash, the singer Roman Luca Bash, a project that included original track plus the chance to play covers of the Dave Matthews Band. Besides that, I was a teacher at the music school ""ladybird project"", the music school of cherubs above Patrignani Paul in Rome.
    In 2011 Bash projects ended and I went on playing music in Rome with various artists and teaching too.
    I played with: Chuck Findley, Tony Esposito, Luca Bash, Umberto Aucone, Roberto Mancini, Fabiana Rosciglione, Andrea Benevento, Marco Loddo, Massimo Bucci, Galliano Prosperi, Stefano Diotallevi, Fabrizio D'Alisera, Giuseppe La Spina, Vittorio Mezza, Alfredo Sciochetti, Antonio de Rose, Gabriele De rose, Leonardo De rose, Aldo Basso.
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    Duilio Ingrosso

  • Duilio Ingrosso's Bio
    Duilio Ingrosso (tenor sax, soprano, baritone and alto); I was born in 1984. I approached the world of music at nine years old; I started with the study of drums and percussion. Then I went on with the study of the saxophone. I initially joined the band of my town, as a traditional path of musicians in Puglia; in 1999 I began my training of the saxophone in the school of Music "Tito Schipa" of Lecce, by following the guidance of Maestro Luigi Fazi. Immediately I took part in numerous formations inside the conservatory collaborating with composers and directors like Hansalik Samale, William Noll, Massimiliano Carlini and other famous directors. Meanwhile I began cultivating my passion for Jazz. Simultaneously I performed many musical and theatrical activities in Salento. In 2006 I collaborated with "SPECIMEN", by taking part in some plays and by providing a musical contribution to the shows. In 2008 I took my Bachelor graduation degree in saxophone. I joined several events of national resonance. Meanwhile I continued my work in local orchestras and currently was in fact I am a permanent member and I collaborate with many ensembles, from classical to jazz, including: Wind Orchestra of the Conservatory "Tito Schipa" of Lecce, saxophone quartet "The Easy Winners Quartet "," Swing Big Band "by Luigi Bubbico," Grande Salento Orchestra ", the concert" Notes Free "," GiroDiBanda "Caesar Dell'Anna," Orchestra Terra d'Otranto "Maestro Antonio Palace "Backdoor Hollywood," "Midnight Orchestra" ... etc. Currently I am Studying deeply Jazz.
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    Alex Chiodini

    Sound engineer, CHIODOSTUDIO, Magenta (MI)
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    Valerio Cesaroni

    Sound engineer, SOUNDMAKERS, Acilia (RM)
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