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English Songs
In My Place
Year: 2009
Album: CMYK - EP#3 Yellow (2014); CMYK - Single Strokes (2015)
Language: English
Euthanasia. It is a big subject.
There are tons of opinions, literature, articles and stories about it. I am not informed about them, and I do not know about relevant opinions around the world.
I am just simple, and I think that everyone is right. Let me explain.
This song is divided in two parts, before ending in the final lines.
In the first part a man, close to the end because of a terrible illness, desires to die. It is impossible to imagine his feelings, but I have tried to feel in his place. And I believe he is right.
In the second part, the same man in the same situation opens his arms to religion, and no matter what religion or faction it is. He cannot understand who can feel entitled to kill someone else. I have tried again to be in his place, and I believe he is right too.
The question is what are we talking about?
I believe our life is and must be full of rules. We always need to ask someone for permission and approval, because our actions could affect other people. But I think that our life is our exclusive property, and I would not ask any kind of favor or permission regarding my life ending. It means that no one can create a rule for this. If I cannot decide, because unconscious, people that truly love me are able to do it, but not an association, an organization or something else.
I will put it in my Last Will and Testament, because whatever I’ll chose I will be right.
By giving sand its time
To fall, from that pain, to the final mile
Oh, it’s an unstoppable sad malady
Yes… it’s quite ripe into me
And I try so hard to pretend
There’s a light somewhere to hope for
While my only need is to hold up
Just, a friend’s hand that I know
Is ready to turn my pain off
But it doesn’t so

This world adores its truth
And knows what to do and what to say
But I’m alone here against my fate
Oh, I’d like to taste your tears right here
In my place, just to make you feel
That’s so easy to hate who do not

Know how it is easy
To desire the end
without annoying all this crowd who do not
Know how hard it’s to feel
A worn out soul into a body as tight
As the last beam of light before a long night
And what if I leave this room for God
For his word as if it were my law
And tightly I would grab my poor life
That no one has the right to tear,
Neither do I
And well… you need to rule your truth
Or your lies behind my disease
Are you a priest, or a saint,
Maybe an archangel to hold out your hand
That I know for sure
is not here to attempt or joke
but It doesn’t so

This world adores its truth
And knows what to do and what to say
But only that Faith can shape my fate
Oh, I’d like to taste your tears right here
In my place, just to make you feel
How far the idea is for those who don’t
Know how it is easy
To keep on riding this life
without annoying all this crowd who do not
Know how hard it’s to keep
On believing with no doubts
Or maybe to give up fighting
And shut this life to feel that pain
Never again… again…

I must believe and I want to live
to doubt never again… again…
That I am free to live,
Oh I’m free to choose my end
And nothing else
Video (October 2015)
Jekyll & Hyde
Year: 2004
Album: CMYK - EP#4 Key Black (2015)
Language: English
Stevenson’s novel has the goal of underlining how Good and Evil inhabit our soul and personality. Like a cohabitation inside everyone.
The definitions of Good and Evil are interesting in my opinion. What is Good and what is Evil? Probably, Good is when we act in a way that follows what human nature requires to survive. While Evil should go on the other side, seeking for personal interest and satisfaction. Now, the assumption that humans manage their society to let mankind survive could be denied, but it is a long discussion not really coherent with the object of our question.
Back to the definition, Good should be our way of satisfying external rules and boundaries. Being polite, gentle and trustworthy are probably ways to please these rules. From an almost logical point of view, Good is the mask we need to be part of our society, built on self control and obeisance. If this is correct, Evil is not our selfish side that seeks only personal satisfaction. It is not only our “bad” side. It is what we would be without rules.
It is like when we get upset for something or someone, or when we answer without thinking, spontaneously. Our mask generally apologizes by justifying an absence of control or a “mislogic”. But “spontaneous” means “true” and, probably, when we drop off our mask and we let Hyde come out, he is not our Evil side, but simply ourselves, in the most true and spontaneous way.
If this whole syllogism were correct, to become better people, we would not have to work on our masks, fundamental in terms of a common human growth, but we have to work on the hidden and true part of ourselves. We should start figuring out and judging our dreams and desires, our fears and expectations, and understand their origin and which source generates such kind of feelings. We do not have to judge our mask, but we have to let it be a consequence of our self-comprehension and understanding.
Hey man, the time is over.
Here I’ll thrive upon your crime
To shade my rise
And I will bend
Your mind, our heart, your back
Oh, so secretly, I’ve planned your death
By using your lust to free yourself
And by feeding myself with your regrets
Now ash and dust are your memories
Settling on the grave of dreams
You chose to breed me, the Beast,
Slowly risen from the deep
Core dark part of your ego

Oh… oh… oh…
You think I’m living off
Your inner wish to free your soul
Oh… oh… oh… oh…
While I’m just the one
Who will take and drop your mask off
Evil spirit, Lucifer, Satan, Devil..
I don’t care what kind of supernatural thing
You think I am
A dumb belief you’re pure.
Oh, the potion you made
I think it was The cure
So now you mirror me in all,
Like a soul echo

Oh… oh… oh…
You think I’m living off
Your inner wish to free your soul
Oh… oh… oh… oh…
While I’m just the one
Who will take and drop your mask off and
I am your main sin and your lie
How could you deny that
I am your main sin and your lie
And you are mine… now
‘The Good’ recalls ‘Control’
‘Control’ needs a ‘Fence’
‘Fence’ shapes the ‘Obeisance’
And by your acquiescence for this world I will rise
Video (November 2015)
Little Tale
Year: 2002
Album: CMYK - EP#4 Key Black (2015)
Language: English
I think it was 1999 when I went with my school to the Opera of Rome to listen to Sinopoli’s rehearsals and lessons of Wagner’s masterpieces. 4 years later, the story I had read about Siegfried came in my mind.
In Wagner’s “Siegfried” there was a dragon, “Fafner”, guardian of a treasure.
So I’ve just imaged a story, a fairy tale.
Since the dawn of time a Dragon was the guardian of a treasure: Dreams.
Old and annoyed, he fell asleep. Thanks to this fact, sometimes, a Dream goes outside the cave and starts floating, craving someone to touch and getting real.
Basically, an euphemism of a stroke of luck.
After floating around the city, brought by a comfortable wind, this Dream ends up in a lab, and touches a hamster, while he is running fast inside his wheel. Suddenly, his wheel crumbles and the doors get open.
“Wow”, he says.
Exited, he starts walking toward the door.
Like a ghost, an old man appears in front of him.
He seems old and wise. He starts whispering in the hamster’s ears warm words and suggestions. ‘Outside it could be cold’.
‘Ask yourself: where could a hamster go?’.
‘No one is waiting for me’, the hamster thinks.
The old man continues his speech: ’You are a hamster and nothing more. Here it is warm, and you are protected from the outside jungle creatures. Do not be foolish’.
So, the old wise man disappears.
The hamster thinks: ”oh, if I were a man, or a Lion… better a dragon… It would be my chance! But I’m not…”
So he starts building his wheel again, like a prisoner who builds his cage again, after his release.
Once upon a time on mankind’s eve
A dragon, old and tired
Agreed to guard dreams, then asleep
Deeply he fell
Thus sometimes a wish silently flies away
Fortune on the chosen one’s hand
Who yearned this chance
Is he ready?

Walk, run, leap blindly into a circle
A bleeding wish to taste a tear once in a life

Look at your life, an hamster’s wheel
Which your legs are running in
So that years are running by
Doubts in the belief
That is all you really need
Deeply you pray
Thus sometimes a wish silently flies away
Fortune on your chosen
Right hand who yearned this chance
Are you ready?
Walk, run, leap blindly into a circle
But now, by now, you can run away
Here… oh, you can run away here
Can you see it’s time
To realize the door is open wide?
Re-light your life…
Can you see it’s time
To heal your fate
Why don’t you try to learn to fly?

Oh, the wise man who is whispering in your ear
He will charm your hands
Look at that wheel, now it is down to set you free
Do not be afraid

Walk, run, leap, blindly into a circle
Spineless will to build again your wheel
Can you see it’s time
To realize the door is open wide?
Re-light your life…
Can you see it’s time
To heal the fate
Why don’t you try to learn to fly?
Here you are
There’s strength inside
Do you wanna die
And leave it all behind
Or get now that chance
To feel free?

Oh… don’t say you don’t
Oh… don’t say you won’t… please…

So this tale ends, with a dream in a cage,
With a life in the shade,
With a man lost again in the same
Love and Lust
Year: 2009
Album: CMYK - EP#1 Cyan (2014); CMYK - EP#2 Magenta (2014)
Language: English
Maybe you are alone or maybe you are married with sons or daughters, hopefully.
What is sure is that, if you are not alone, you have someone to trust in and there is someone who trusts in you. Because love must be founded on trust and loyalty. Then, we have to consider that mankind is founded on love.
This syllogism should end with the sentence “Mankind is founded on trust and loyalty”.
Okay it seems true... well, it should be true.
But something happens.
Easily, sometimes, there could be a moment when everything goes in the background, when your desires pass over trust and loyalty, to reach the pleasure and the satisfaction, given by money, success, for example, or sex…
The “problem” are not the “bad” desires, in terms of a “ephemeral status deviations”, but the thing that you can “easily” forget that someone trust in you… and no matter how long this “deviation” lasts.
What makes me “curious”, is how the pleasure of a “deviation”, as ephemeral as intense, can satisfy more than the pride to be Loyal, Trustworthy, True, Sincere. In other terms, how does an orgasm, metaphor or not, chased by your eyes wide shut, can enhance your happiness more than looking at the mirror with your eyes wide open.
Again, our desires are normal. But when we sacrifice them on the altar of respect, we could give Mankind a shiny future. This is not only a matter of sex, but It could be applied to every aspect of our life.
Sadly, it is an illusion.
Human means Weak.
Being human simply works as a “continuous recovery” of errors, and not a “continuos enhancement” of values.
And the contrast between lust and love can explain, after merging them with the importance of the right Values for mankind, why the human race will end shortly, if we do not change our perspective of what is valuable and what is not.
A dream, i suppose, anyway.
She teases your eyes
You feel so mesmerized
Meanwhile time stops
Because of your sin
You breathe her smell
It’s such a sexual spell
No chance to get away
You’ve got to stay

But tell me why you can’t say no
You cannot say no
It’s not so hard to say no
You cannot say no
You keep on lying
To your life
A wife, A son…
You’re out of control
It’s not love
But lust is driving your soul
No way to give up right now
You’ve got to ride

But tell me why
You can’t say no
So tell me why
You can’t say no
Now tell me why
You can’t say no…
Oh no… There’s no way to stop
To love or not to love
Doesn’t matter if you choose
Or believe
To love or not to love
Doesn’t matter if you pretend
Or live
To love or not to love
The fact is that being human means
To bury your pride
By saying it ain’t your fault
To cry for your love
By chasing all night long
A second chance to curse your soul
In the name of lust
Millennium Idiot
Year: 2010
Album: CMYK - EP#2 Magenta (2014); CMYK - EP#3 Yellow (2014)
Language: English
This millennium’s emblem is the availability of information. Now, thanks to the web, we can understand and know, in every moment, almost everything. Obviously there are a lot of “traps”, like false information, paths or bad examples, but the web can also give us the way to verify and recognise these things.
Despite this tool being available and precious, I still hear people who trust, argue, believe and fight for other’s opinions or supposed revealed truths, never verified or deeply understood. A typical example is when you hear two people in a café discussing a political subject.
Idiot is a bad word, offensive. It means “an utterly foolish or senseless person”. In other terms, stupid. In technical definitions, it refers to “a person of the lowest order in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation”.
Lets refer to the first one, informal, definition.
Stupidity is strictly connected to our brain capability. Nowadays stupid people are not the “same” stupid people of 1000 years ago. The lowest level of education has changed and most of us have a basic level education. So this definition moves forward in the timeline.
Who is the New Millennium Idiot? In my opinion it is the one who believes and spreads other’s convictions by renouncing to build his own thesis by seeking available information. He is the one who works like a guitar without strings: basically, he emphasises any kind of “waves” from outside, being convinced they are his own and peculiar sounds.
These people are dangerous, because they are victims that become the best weapons of the any kind of mass advertising purpose.
You think as you eat, you don't chew
No matter how does it taste
Grilled bullshits or steamed lies
They will run through in a while
You're so happy when you pass them away
And so proud to sit and smell
Help me please to understand
Have you ever looked inside yourself

You think as you sing that song
No matter what is being said
Dulcet tones and gleaming smiles
Everything, just to appeal to this crowd
Like a star you're going to walk this stage
Then pray for the morning fame
The truth is you have nothing to say
How can you pretend to look inside yourself
And it wasn’t like you to say to me my friend:
“I don’t feel as if
It was me to say goodbye aloud to a
Pride of feeling to be free to think”

You think as you make love
An happy ending in a while
Changing positions here and there
Creeping shame behind a smile
Then panic graven on her face
She says you are not the same
First you laugh and then you cry
There is nothing to look inside yourself
And it wasn’t like you to say to me my friend:
“I don’t feel as if
It was me to say goodbye aloud to a
Pride of feeling to be free to think”

And it wasn’t like you to say to me, oh man:
“I don’t feel as if
It was me to say goodbye aloud to a
Pride of feeling to be free to think”

And if it was you saying goodbye to me
For sure I would reply
“I feel as if
I'm the millenium brand new idiot that
No longer thinks and shuts his cage"
Video (September 2015)
My Father, Gargantua
Year: 2004
Album: CMYK - EP#3 Yellow (2014)
Language: English
There is a letter, written by Gargantua to his son, Pantagruel, in the second book that Rebelais wrote about Gargantua’s tales. Gargantua is a King in French legends, that Rebelais used for his novels in the XIII century.
“Gargantua writes a letter to Pantagruel. In the letter, Gargantua argues that the most excellent gift bestowed upon man by our creator is the ability to make ourselves immortal through our progeny. However, Gargantua encourages Pantagruel to harbor both the image of Gargantua’s body and the greater, more excellent, part of Gargantua – his intelligence. He gives a litany of advice, very similar to Polonius in Hamlet, and then requests that Pantagruel return to him before he dies so that he may see Pantagruel and give him his blessing. This letter did indeed motivate Pantagruel to study diligently”.
I have read this letter. It is a sort of Humanism manifesto. Basically, Gargantua explains to his son how to get his blessing. Pantagruel has to study everything. Then, he will be able to satisfy his father.
I have tried to find a parallel for this meaning in our days.
It seems like a father nowadays who forces his son or daughter to study and study and study. But he never asks what they like and, more important, he never checks in which subject or activity they are really talented. So I decided to answer Gargantua, and this song is Pantagruel’s answer to his father’s letter.

PS: I was very lucky in my life. This song it is not a personal regret or a complaint against my parents, who were perfect with me and left me any kind of freedom to choose whatever I desired for myself and my future.
Dad, I have read
Your letter and,
Would you let me
Guide my pencil upon
This melody much slower than
This flood of thoughts
I’ve got in my head?

Colder than the northern oceans
Your writing precepts
The Humanism stands
As a track to nowhere
But I did everything you’ve told me,
Everything you have taught me,
Is overlooking me and how I feel,
How can I pretend to ignore
All the things I adore
Betraying faces of my soul
I still don’t know
Are Latin, Greek, Math, Science able
To tell me who I am?
I try so hard to make you proud
But I’ll be what I love

A cool breeze lets pages float higher
Above my mind,
Oh sweet art, where are you hidden?
I can hear you knocking
Keeping the rhythm of my heart
Oh, it’s just my heart
Oh, let it beat, Gargantua…
How can I pretend to ignore
All the things I adore
Betraying your trust I don’t
Trash away your love
I hope you will bless me dad
I need you so much
I try so hard to make you proud
Being what I love

What if you die watching me cry?
What if you live watching me die?
What if I die being yourself?
What if I live being myself?
…No more time to learn the past
I need nothing but my heart

Oh Father, Gargantua
Video (October 2015)
My Magic Mirror
Year: 2010
Album: CMYK - EP#3 Yellow (2014)
Language: English
This is the story of the evil queen’s further attempt to be the “fairest of them all”, as she loved to ask the magic mirror. The queen is convinced of obtaining the craven and desired “yes” by the Mirror after a powerful spell she created to be marvelous. Prettier and more wonderful than Snow White, according to her theory.
But the reaction of the Mirror was a “no”, again.
Frustrating for her, normal for him.
The reason behind is a logic consequence of facts.
He asks her: ’how is it possible for you to be the fairest of everyone if you need to ask about this?
How is it possible to be the most beautiful woman for real, if you need someone who certifies this? And, if you need to ask, it means you do not feel like the fairest… thus, how is it possible to achieve this “title”?
Basically there is not a spell, a formula or a recipe to be the “fairest of them all”, if you do not feel within yourself the fairest of your tale.
This song is dedicated to all the people who believe that there something missing to be happy and satisfied. That a surgery “patch” or a skin “update” can enrich their happiness, without understanding that it is not what you have, but the secret is what you are. Satisfaction is a mind set, not a sequence of “things” you get.
And about happiness… once you have crossed over a level of “normality”, happiness depends strictly on what we desire and what we consider important or not. Same principle could be applied to money. You will always find a bigger boat to desire, a faster car to crave and bigger bank account level to achieve. The question it begets is what is perfect for your own tale, and not what other think it’s perfect for you.
Today, the world outside fixes goals that are wrong, because they put in everyone in comparison. But if you think about this, it is nonsense.
Break the Magic Mirror. This is the recipe you are looking for.
“He knows my Question well
The silence between us
While he stares at me,
Seems the calm before the storm and
Today I’m sure I’ll get
His answer like the one I guessed
‘Cause now I’ve got my almighty spell
To be the fairest of them all…
And nothing will mean more than
His deadly and final ‘yes’ ”

“So famed is thy beauty,
My queen please show yourself, indeed
To remind the world
What Beauty means.
You are so worried about my words,
I see and you’re right ‘cause I think
You are so far from and adverse
To being the fairest of them all…
And nothing will mean more than
The answer shelved inside your soul”
“Oh, I won’t tell…
what I should tell you
To make up your ego
As this world requests and…
Oh, I won’t tell…
What I would tell you
To let you understand that all
You crave and need most is right there
Within yourself”

“What I mean won’t be so clear
If thy bliss hangs off
A mask-into-a-mirror’s yes
Please, take a step off from that shell
I see your age behind the spell
While every day, undismayed,
You still ask me and beg me to tell you
Who is the fairest of them all…
But nothing will lead you more
Than a mirror for your soul”
“Oh, I won’t tell…
What I should tell you
To make up your ego
As this world requests and…
Oh, I won’t tell…
What I would tell you
To let you understand that all
You need the most to be the fairest
Is not a spell…”

“Oh, what should I say?
There must be a way
To let you live just with no regrets
Well, I should say in this fairy tale
You do not need my ‘yes’, indeed
All I know is that you’re looking for
A way to chase your own tail, and
There’s no way to receive a recipe
To be the fairest of them all, oh dear,
If you won’t love yourself
As the fairest of your tale”
Video (October 2015)
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Italian Songs
Il Tuo Domani
Year: 2017
Album: Oltre le Quinte
Language: Italian
E’ la canzone cantata da un genitore al suo bambino o bambina, quando ormai già dorme. Non è una ninna nanna, ma un’eredità che solo l’amore di un genitore può dare e solo nei sogni d’infanzia forse potrà capire.
Il testo si sposa sia alla Mamma che al Papà, per un bambino o una bambina. E’ scritta con un linguaggio musicale complesso, che si esplica in una melodia semplice.
Per questo è una misto tra un tempo in 7/8 e 4/4 e per questo è cantata in duo.
Io adoro il tuo respiro al caldo del mio abbraccio
E il buio aspetterà fino a quando non ti accorgerai dei dubbi e dei perché
Disillusi come gli occhi dalle nuvole

La vita sfreccerà come un lampo destinato
Al cuore senza età di una notte fredda e cinica
E allora penserai
Quanto folle sia il concetto di felicità

Non c’è tepore al chiuso delle favole
E in fuga tremerai oltre le nuvole
Ma la pioggia è utile
Lava via le lacrime
E insegna quanto è cieca
La ruota del destino
E apprezzerai il canto della luce
Grazie ai versi dell’oscurità
L’amore scalderà il tuo cuore al di là
Del cieco e futile accontentarsi di un bagliore
Breve e così sterile
Nel pretendere la vita dalla cenere

Non troverai giustizia oltre le favole e
Non avrai riparo sotto queste nuvole
Assaggerai le lacrime
Trattenerle é inutile
Ma lasciale scolpire
I tratti del tuo io
Poiché un giorno sarai solo tu
A dover trovare un senso nell'oscurità
Assaggerai le lacrime
Trattenerle é inutile
Ma lasciale scolpire
I tratti del tuo io
Poiché un giorno sarai solo tu
A dover trovare un sogno da proteggere
Da tutto l'odio che c'è
E dalle avversità per poi riemergere
Sarai grande ormai
Ma saprai
Che non temi il buio e nuvole
Grazie a queste mie lacrime
Year: 2010
Language: Italian
L’emblema di questo millennio è la disponibilità delle informazioni. Ora, grazie al web, possiamo capire e conoscere, in ogni momento, quasi tutto. Ovviamente ci sono un sacco di "trappole", come false informazioni, percorsi o cattivi esempi, ma il web può anche darci il modo di verificare e riconoscere queste trappole.
Nonostante questo strumento sia disponibile e prezioso, ascolto ancora gente che si fida, sostiene, crede e combatte per altri pareri o presunte verità rivelate, non verificate o profondamente comprese. Un esempio tipico è quando si ascolta in un bar due persone che parlano di una discussione politica.
La parola “idiota” è una parola poco carina, offensiva. Significa "una persona assolutamente sciocca o senza senso". In altri termini, stupido. Le definizioni tecniche mirano a definirla come “una grave insufficienza mentale congenita”.
Facciamo riferimento alla prima informale definizione.
La stupidità è strettamente collegata alla nostra capacità cerebrale. Oggi gli stupidi non sono gli "stessi" stupidi di 1000 anni fa. Il livello minimo di istruzione è cambiato e la maggior parte di noi ha un livello di istruzione di base. Quindi questa definizione è un’asticella che sia abbassa con la storia e lo sviluppo.
Chi è allora l’idiota del nuovo millennio? A mio parere è quello che confida e diffonde altrui convinzioni rinunciando a costruire la propria tesi cercando informazioni disponibili. È quello che funziona come una chitarra senza corde: in sostanza, sottolinea ogni tipo di "onda" al di fuori, convinto che ciò che riverbera sia il suo peculiare suono.
Sono pericolosi, perché sono vittime, che però diventano le armi migliori di qualsiasi tipo di scopo di diffusione di massa.
Pensi come mangi
E digerisci in un attimo
Un mare di boiate amico
Prenditi un bel respiro
Siediti Rifletti
Ho capito quel che c’hai
La mente ti ha lasciato in fasce
E ora c’è un eco dentro te…

Te ne freghi del concetto
Dietro al motivetto
Canti quel che viene detto
Linee di un riflesso
Sei l’idiota di questo millennio
Un trono senza re
Il tuo ego ti ha lasciato in fasce
E ora sei l’eco dentro te…
Ed è come se non fossi te
A dire “Io mi sento come se
Non fossi io a dire addio
Al mio orgoglio d’esser libero

Pensi come fai sesso
E cedi in un attimo
Cambi posizione e non
Avverti reazione
Lei rabbrividisce
Si accorge che non sei te
Prima piangi e poi sei certo
È quell’eco maledetto dentro te…
Ed è come se non fossi te
A dire “Io mi sento come se
Non fossi io a dire addio
Al mio orgoglio d’esser libero”

Ed è come non fossi te
A dire “Io mi sento come se
Non fossi io a dire addio
Al mio orgoglio d’esser libero”

Oh se fossi te
A dirmi addio direi
“mi sento come se
non fossi io l’idiota che
non pensa e ruba solo ossigeno