Welcome to my Hideout - Benvenuto nel mio nascondiglio

Bash's stripped down style forces you to listen to the lyrics and message of his music. This would be risky for many, but for Bash this works in his favor D. Geraci, Examiner
The term "acoustic" doesn't exactly cover the intricacy and skill with which Luca Bash composes his songs L. Klamt, Liberty Voice
An artist like Bash is something that should not be taken for granted K. Barber, MusicExistence
The stuff of dreams E. Morgan, Poet and Pariah
Luca sings in a yearning, heartfelt tone J. Dan, DoA
Balance seems to be the name of Luca Bash's game and he does it masterfully L. Marino, Ellenwood
Single Drops is a great introduction for any newcomer of Luca Bashís music, and will only serve as an excuse to delve further into his discography C. Conard, TheBigTakeOver
The Single Drops goes right to the heart of the matter R.B. Sloane, ScallyWag Magazine
This is what acoustic guitar music is all about C. Johnson, Indiemunity
Bash is a trailblazer D. Geraci, Examiner
Destined to take the current state of folk music and raise the bar Triston, Verbal Slaps
Every time it came on it certainly put a smile on my face Jer, Skope
Undeniably compelling RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine
The record proves that the musician has the organic ability and influence to change people's perspectives and thoughts on such important topics K. Benardello, Shockya
You won't need any convincing of his mastery Kimm, WeDoItForTheLoveOfMusic

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Welcome to my official website. An hideout, able to keep in a safe place my personal passion in playing my songs and lyrics.
Please, Take a tour on my site, my lines and my melodies… and, if you like them, do not hesitate to join my social network.
Have a good trip!


Benvenuto nel mio Sito Ufficiale. Un Nascondiglio, creato per mettere al sicuro la mia passione di suonare e cantare le mie canzoni.
Fatti un giro tra le sue stanze, versi e melodie… e, se ti piacciono, non esitare nel creare un link attraverso i social qui disponibili.
Buona passeggiata!

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7th of September '17
New LPs release:
Keys of Mine - English
Oltre le Quinte - Italian
15 songs in Two productions for two language lyrics
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7th of September '17
New Single
Beyond the Screen
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New Facebook Page
Luca Bash & Friends
Join my new Facebook page!


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7 Settembre '17
Nuovo Album in Uscita:
Keys of Mine - Inglese
Oltre le Quinte - Italiano
15 canzoni in due differenti produzioni e lingue
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3 Luglio '17
Nuovo Singolo
Giorni Così
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Nuova Pagina Facebook
Luca Bash & Friends
Metti "Mi Piace" e restiamo in contatto

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Tales… Stories & info about my music

Projects… What I did to let my music get real

Lines… Lyrics and everything behind

Load & Share… Everything needed beyond the screen

Contact… just a form to contact me


Tales… Racconti ed Informazioni

Projects… I progetti che ospitano le mie canzoni

Lines… I Testi e quanto si cela dietro di essi

Load & Share… Tutto il mondo dietro allo schermo

Contact… il modo più facile per contattarmi

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