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Oct 2015 Musos’ Guide Luca Bash - Single Drops EP
Luca Bash is the Roman singer-songwriter with an unwavering devotion to bare his soul through stripped-back music. His raw brand of folk-rock has been worked and refined since 1999, but after a debilitating motorbike accident in 2013 which sent Bash into a coma, he awoke with an epiphany regarding his creative direction: “[I had] a new sense for where I wanted my music to go and a much better understanding of the importance of quality recording”.

This new found focus on production shines on Single Drops. A record built on a foundation of acoustic guitars, these tracks are glossed with a crystal clear sound that is palpably close and makes every nuance sparkle and resonate gorgeously.

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Julia Lamb

Sep 2015 EGL New Sounds: Luca Bash releases special compilation EP “Single Drops”
Melding folk arrangements with classic rock, Luca Bash has always been one to push musical boundaries. However, the singer is making major noise with his latest release of a special compilation EP entitled Single Drops.

Single Drops is a collection of songs written by Bash in 2014. Each song is from each of his four 2014 EPs (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black). He also blesses us with one new song on Single Drops, Your Tomorrow.

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Chey Parker

Sep 2015 ORSVP Luca Bash’s “Your Tomorrow” is a Perfect Rainy Day Track
Italian-born Luca Bash creates music that gets under your skin and makes you feel a bit vulnerable, his latest single “Single Drops” being no different. A simple acoustic song with vocals that are at times reminiscent of Dave Matthews and other times sound a bit like Randy Newman, Bash has a way with the English language and a guitar that will pull at your heartstrings.

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Nicole Ortiz

Sep 2015 Reviews Magazine Luca Bash – Single Drops
Luca Bash’s Single Drops EP is a little like having a quick conversation with someone you meet while escaping a party to get some fresh air. The ensuing meeting doesn’t give you a complete picture of this person, and there isn’t really time to grasp his complexities (if any), but the simplicity of the encounter is refreshing if fleeting. Bash’s uncomplicated offering blends his personality and imagination with a serviceable acoustic core—musically less engaging than it should be, but rich in insight if one cares to delve.

It’s fitting to talk about blending, as that’s essentially how Single Drops came to be. The five-song EP is the result of a collaboration with longtime partner Giovanni “Giova” Pes, a sort of logical next step to their CMYK project. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black, four EPs released over the course of 2014. Why the theme?

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Joss Taylor Olson

Sep 2015 Geyser Music Luca Bash: Single drops
Luca Bash’s Single Drops is somewhat of a sampler of his various other EPs. Bash takes one song from each of his previous EPs Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black, and features a new single Your Tomorrow, as the opening track. Bash favours the upbeat folk flavour with intricate string melodies. As Layla Marino of says, his style is “a sort of fusion between latin-inspired guitar and country Americana.”

Single Drops harkens back to the basics: it’s entirely string and vocals based and uses no percussion instruments at all.

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Fiona Roome

Sep 2015 TR Interview: Luca Bash's 'The Single Drops'
In May Italian singer-songwriter Luca Bash, in partnership with longtime collaborator Giova Pes, released The Single Drops a compilation EP of the best four tracks from four separate EPs he put out in 2014 plus a new tune.

How does your music shape your writing?

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S. Heron

Sep 2015 Whim Online Magazine Music Review: “SINGLE DROPS” from Luca Bash
Our latest music review looks at a unique EP from Pop / Rock / Funk talent Luca Bash titled “Single Drops”.

With similarities between famous musicians such as Dave Matthews, Damien Rice, Nick Drake, and John Mayer, it’s no wonder that I enjoyed this 5-piece EP from the Rome-based singer and song-writer.

With Luca Bash himself on acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar and vocals, and Giova Pes in charge of lead guitar, this is one duo who you’ll want to remember!

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Sep 2015 24ourmusic Luca Bash hits us with something special in “Single Drops”
Oftentimes something très cool will come up in an artist’s history (whether it’s in the “about me” or “album history” doesn’t matter), and here’s what’s good with Luca Bash: he has released a total of four EP’s in 2014.
Not particularly interesting?
Well, what’s très cool to me is that he decided to call them (in no particular order here) “Cyan”, “Magenta”, “Yellow” and “Key Black”.

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Karl Nik

Sep 2015 Loot x Riot Luca Bash for Loot x Riot
Few artists had a busier 2014 than singer/songwriter Luca Bash, whose multi-colored medleys were released to the tune of four full EP’s that year acronymically titled CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black. Now back for more, the talented guitarist with a knack for capturing both mood and melody has decided to release a cleverly compiled, almost scientifically selected compilation titled “The Single Drops”. Featuring one song from each of the four aforementioned EP’s and one new recording, “Your Tomorrow”, the fresh new project offers listeners a window into the soul and sentiment of an uplifting Bash, whose musical journey is rife with diverse human encounters and ever-memorable learning curve adventure.

Again tag-teaming with longtime collaborative partner Giova Pes, Bash again impresses as an expressive well capable of documenting the method to his folksy Italian artistry as a creative process.

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Tone Swep

Sep 2015 The Black Magazine New EP “Single Drops”: Luca Bash
On an odyssey to find himself as a musician, it became more apparent to Luca Bash that switching lanes in his career may have only been for the best. Making a drastic leap from the classical violin to the pop/funk sound of a guitar, created the foundation of his newfound love for music. Bash was now motivated to attend The University of Music in Rome and explore all forms of his craft which gave him the encouragement to write his first song back in 1999.

Today, Bash has released four EP’s and is currently on his fifth album.

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Megan Felix

Sep 2015 The Cutprice Jukebox EP Review: The Single Drops by Luca Bash
Luca Bash’s new EP, the Single Drops, proves that all you need to create good music is an idea and an instrument. Much of the Single Drops relies on the simplicity of a man and is guitar, a small platform that can be made vast by the right notes.

Bash and his collaborator Giova Pes have used the supposedly limiting two guitar arrangement to create music that feels deeply intimate, to something that approaches grandeur on repeated listens. ject.

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Sep 2015 Art and Culture Maven Review: Luca Bash - EP: The Single Drops
The Single Drops is the latest in a series of releases from the Italian duo of Luca Bash and Giova Pes.

Luca Bash is a long time fixture of the Italian folk/pop scene and his latest incarnation came after a chance reunion with guitarist Giova Pes, a fellow member of the now defunct group Bash, not long ago. Once they got together again however, the music started to flow and they came up with a concept that saw four releases in 2014 - the CMYK project.

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Sep 2015 The Music Court Luca Bash: The Single Drops EP Review
Modern-day music seems to have an obsession with big beats and EDM-style euphoric rises and drops. Now this isn’t another of those typical reviews slamming EDM for its major successes over the past few years, but it is an review aiming to highlight the beauty and stripped back simplicity of a musician and an instrument.

Italian Luca Bash is one of said musicians, with his new EP, “The Single Drops”, summing up what the medium of acoustic music is, thought-provoking, emotive music that can connect people with its raw power.

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Sep 2015 Pop Culture Beast CD Review: Luca Bash – “The Single Drops”
Continental Europe is filled with U.K. and U.S. chart-friendly bands, EDM DJs, and quirky acts that try to create pop music out of local cultural influences. Luca Bash is none of those. This Italian singe-songwriter would indeed sound more at home in a North American coffee shop than the Eurovision songwriting contest.

His new EP, The Single Drops, is a sort of “Best of” of collection featuring one track from each of his four previous EPs Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black along with one new song. Bash does a fine job of keeping the sound varied, something that can be a challenge when you’re flying solo with an acoustic guitar.

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PF Wilson

Sep 2015 RazMataz Magazine Luca Bash taps into the soul of music
After years of struggle, Luca Bash has evolved with his acoustic guitar and emotionally charged lyrics – stripping musical rhythms and lyrics to their bare soul. The portrayal through folk rock that Bash delivers raises the genre to a higher and newer level.

Bash balances everyday life scenarios and incorporates them into his passion for music, effectively tapping into the soul of the music. His endeavours result in praiseworthy songs that are laden with deep, emotional and meaningful lyrics and are expressed through his voice and acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar naturally adds significance while retaining simplicity, creating a powerful song that Bash wants to convey.

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Marina Radovanovic

Aug 2015 Pure M Luca Bash’s Single Drops EP Review
Luca Bash is a singer/songwriter who began his career studying as a classical violinist before switching to guitar in the 1990’s. He then went on to study at the University of Music in Rome and formed a band named BASH. Following -the end of the group in 2011 he decided to go solo with the help of guitarist Giovanni Pes, releasing four acoustic EP’s. Bash’s latest release, “Single Drops” was released on May18th and is made up of what the duo feel are the best songs from their acoustic EP’s as well as a new song entitled “Your Tomorrow”.

The new single is the first track on the EP. It’s a dreamy slow acoustic ballad that has Bash’s vocals as the main focus.

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Will White

Aug 2015 MusicEmissions Luca Bash - The Single Drops
Luca Bash is an Italian singer/songwriter whose work with longtime collaborator and fellow guitarist Giova Pes culminated in four distinct EPs released in 2014. Now Bash has collected a track from each to go with a new piece on The Single Drops, a representative set of dual-guitar and vocal-driven acoustic folk. Reminiscent of Damien Rice and heavily influenced by Dave Matthews, Luca Bash creates massive folk soundscapes relative to the minimal instrumentation and lends a fair amount of emotive qualities lyrically as well.

The Single Drops begins with "Your Tomorrow", Bash's newest track. Warmly plucked acoustic guitars drive home elegant melodies, smoothly composed with pensive and placid vocals/lyrics.

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Aug 2015 UnderThePress Luca Bash’s Quest for Appreciation
Luca Bash always wanted to be a musician and just wanted to open people’s eyes through music. Bash started studying music in the ’90s in classical violin. Then decided to leave classical behind and switched to guitar in 1994, though could only write his first song in 1999; because of this, Bash immediately wanted to write more songs after falling for the creative process of song writing. Bash attended the University of Music in Rome, though after three years of studying, not only music but other forms of art, finally gained some recognition producing thirteen of his songs including “Dear John” which would be the first song to become known.Bash Participated in the Festival of Songs in 2006 in Italy as well where he came to win the award for best interpretation.

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Alyssa Milani

Aug 2015 Under the Gun Review UTG Interview
Rome-based singer-songwriter Luca Bash recently released his newest collection of tracks on an EP titled Single Drops, which takes cuts from his previous series of EPs with his CMYK project, inspired by the color model for printing.

We chatted with Bash recently about the EPs, the videos for the project and what he has lined up for the future as well. You can read through our full conversation below where you’ll also find his newest single, “Your Tomorrow.”

You have quite a history with music as far as I can tell. Can you talk about where it all started for you and what led to you wanting to become a musician?

Well, to answer properly it should be useful to distinguish music studies and songwriting. I began studying violin when 11 years old (1991). Then, I approached guitar and other arts, like oil painting and sculpture. This phase was my own quest to find a way to explain myself and my thoughts. It was something like finding the right woman. The marriage with guitar and songwriting came during 1999, when I discovered Live at Luter College by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. I listened to those songs and I started playing them with my guitar. This was the first milestone of my songwriting marathon.

And apart from those involved with that album, what influences do you think have had an effect on you along that way that might have helped inspire the sound you’ve taken on as a musician?

I compose my songs with an acoustic guitar, and, obviously, the artists that use the same acoustic sounds inspired me. Dave Matthews, Eric Clapton, Damien Rice, Kings of Convenience, Ben Harper, etc. Moreover, I discovered the love for pure sounds, like the natural resonances that come out from an acoustic instruments set.

This EP, Single Drops, is a compilation of sorts, right? Can you explain the idea behind it and the work you put into all the EPs involved?

Single Drops is an EP of songs collected to showcase the 2014 CMYK project–four EPs that follow the four colors a printer needs to reproduce an input image. The input image is what I have been till April 17, 2013, when my spine decided to resist against a motorbike accident and five days of coma. So the entire project is like a puzzle, where every piece is a song created till that date. There’s no logic behind the choice of the songs. Probably just the will to create a mix of genre, but basically it was like following a flow of an unshaped will (that’s why the labyrinth as artwork). A nice thing is that the first track of Cyan, “Forever Like Asleep”, is the song I was working just before my motorbike crash, and “Your Tomorrow” is the latter I have composed.

How did you choose which songs from those EPs would go on this new one?

All the songs in the Single Drops EP are the first opening song of each EP from the CMYK Project. “Your Tomorrow” is the single chosen because of the latter and, in my opinion, the most beautiful song I have created and crafted during these years.

What can you tell me about the CMYK project and the videos you did for that?

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Garrett Jutte

Jul 2015 Guardian Liberty Voice Luca Bash ‘The Single Drops’ Underground Examinations Review
Some lessons of life feel as though they need to be shared with the world. Luca Bash, Italian singer/songwriter and guitarist, has emotion and passion behind his words. Bash explores the world of love and religion with a couple of guitars and the hums inside his heart. The Single Drops is a five song EP that officially dropped May 18, 2015.

The Single Drops is a collective EP with five tracks, four of these tracks are taken from past EPs while the leading track “Your Tomorrow” was written specifically for this release. This project is a compilation from another project that has seen light in a number of different ways. The CMYK project is composed of four different themed EPs: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black.

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Garrett Jutte

Jul 2015 Splash Magazines Indie Italiano With Luca Bash
An Award-winning indie outfit with a knack for crafting acoustic guitar melodies with raw emotionally charged vocals, Rome's Luca Bash has successfully fused pop, Americana, with a seasoning of Bossa Nova for good measure. The Single Drops falls into an undefined category, which isn't a bad thing. Although a strong accent can make the lyrics difficult to thoroughly understand, it adds to Bash's storytelling.

The duo likes to strip down the music to it's bare soul, whatever the dialect.

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Falene Nurse

Jul 2015 Nashville Music Guide Folk Rock Artist Luca Bash releases “The Single Drops”
Luca Bash is not just any pop/rock folk artist, he is a genius when it comes to taking a song and baring his soul from the first note to the last. There is a particular darkness to the music…in an eye opening sort of way…but if you listen closely you can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s impenetrable force within the prose stabs you with the light of truth.

Evergreen, timeless, without restrictions and totally honest. This album takes the listener deep within, within the dark crevices that we shy away from and within the reality of really seeing life and decay. Luca takes you deep within yourself.

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Sherryl Craig

Jul 2015 Ground Sounds Rome: Luca Bash – “Your Tomorrow”
Take a listen to the new single from Italy-based emerging singer/songwriter Luca Bash. With a strong vocal range and acoustic guitar skills, he brings a new vibe to pop and soul music. Based on the dichotomy of balancing normal life with a love for music, Luca is the kind of artist who seeks to strip down the music to its bare soul and present the music with no additional effects or instrumentation. In this way, the message and the music are clear and upfront for the listener to fall into with ease.

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Brendon Goldwasser

Jul 2015 BlogCritics Music Review: Luca Bash – ‘The Single Drops’ EP
Rome-based singer and songwriter Luca Bash released in 2014 a collection of four EPs, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black, collectively known as CMYK. The Single Drops, his newest effort, is a compilation taking one selection from each release and topping it off with a new addition, “Your Tomorrow”. With only two acoustic guitars, Luca Bash and longtime collaborator Giova Pes create a rich and diversified soundscape with the latter adding ornamentation to an already beautiful composition. That the two have a longstanding and loving relationship with their instruments bleeds through every note they play.
While The Single Drops can be filed under the broad category of acoustic rock, there are quite a few other flavours liberally spread throughout, including Latin melodies, a taste of country, a hint of Americana, and even a little bit of funk and jazz.

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Jul 2015 Brutal Resonance Luca Bash Single Drops
OK, hear me out: Italian Native and acoustic folk/rock softie Luca Bash might not be exactly the hard-nosed, dark core electro cyber goth steam vampire stuff we normally go for on Brutal Resonance, but there is a definite dark side to this initially chipper-sounding songwriter. The CMYK project, released as four separate EPs last year, does not show its dark side upon first listen. It’s clearly not in the clean, upbeat acoustic guitar music he and his playing partner Giova Pes produce, but it is most definitely there.

Bash claims to have a 30-year toehold as a songwriter and producer of acoustic-based folk songs with a Latin flare. In 2014 he came up with the idea for CMYK and began collaborating with guitar virtuoso Giova Pes to release four interconnected EPs, named after the base printer colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black.

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Layla Marino

Jul 2015 Eat Sleep Breathe Music Song of the Day Day: “Your Tomorrow” by Luca Bash
Today’s song is “Your Tomorrow” by Luca Bash. His songs explore that nature of religion to the very nature of reality. The Roman musician has been playing for three decades and entertaining listeners with his controversial yet lovely music.

This song is off his EP The Single Drops out now.

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Jul 2015 Listen Here Reviews Luca Bash releases stunning compilation EP Single Drops
Single Drops, the latest compilation EP from Rome artist Luca Bash is a beautiful collection of songs that demonstrates Bash’s true sense of artistry and command of the folk genre. Just a year ago, Luca released four EP’s (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black) and has now decided to release one song from each of those release’s along with a new track titled “Your Tomorrow”, a stunning acoustic tune that opens Drops.

While the guitars throughout the song give off a glowing and polished feel, the only aspect that feels out of place is Luca’s voice.

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Jul 2015 Guardian Liberty Voice Luca Bash: Indie Folk Balanced With Italian Flare
Italian native Luca Bash has a 30-year pedigree in writing and producing beautiful, acoustic-based folk songs. In 2014 he teamed up with guitar virtuoso Giova Pes to release four interconnected EPs, called the CMYK project. Key Black, Yellow, Cyan and Magenta were the respective names of the albums, corresponding with the main ink colors in a printer. Never one to take shortcuts, Bash has now released a new compilation EP called Single Drops to highlight his favorite tracks from the CMYK EPs and to introduce his newest original single, Your Tomorrow.

The term “acoustic” doesn’t exactly cover the intricacy and skill with which Luca Bash composes his songs, nor does it accurately describe Pes’ skill with the acoustic guitar.

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Layla Klamt

Jul 2015 Examiner Luca Bash's 'The Single Drops' is folk rock with little heart
Singer/songwriter Luca Bash released his compilation EP “The Single Drops” back in May and while the idea is interesting, it might not appeal to those looking from something new and fresh in music. The EP features a track from each of his previously released EP's as well as the new song “Your Tomorrow.” This is great for those who already follow the artist, but since the music is often soft, generic, and too easy to tune out.

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Ashley Perez

Jul 2015 The Music News Site EP Review: Luca Bash – Single Drops
Italian singer/songwriter Luca Bash has teamed up with his guitar virtuoso partner Giova Pes to release a new compilation EP. Single Drops takes one song from each of the duos four EPs released in 2014: Key Black, Yellow, Cyan and Magenta. Bash and Pes together are known as CMYK (standing for the letters of the corresponding album colors) and they also added a new single to this EP, called “Your Tomorrow.”

To say Luca Bash and Giova Pes are an acoustic duo is a bit simplistic.

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Jun 2015 WeDoItForTheLoveOfMusic Luca Bash - Single Drops
There are times you wish to step back from life and sit in a quiet place where the clocks don’t move. A place you can spend an entire day watching the raindrops slither down your windows, meditating on their haphazard little courses. And during such evenings you need a soothing soundtrack, preferably made of nothing more than an honest voice and strains from an ordinary box guitar. Whenever that longing for peaceful reflection strikes, know that a talented singer-guitarist from Rome has just the soundtrack to complete the mood. His name is Luca Bash.

The name of the songs he has put together to be that balm for your weary soul is called ‘Single Drops’.

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Jun 2015 Shockya Luca Bash The Single Drops EP Review
It’s perfectly natural and understandable for people to want to engage in their own personal experiences to truly comprehend life’s most important lessons and emotions. But sometimes they can’t fully appreciate those messages until they hear other peoples’ passionately relatable and meaningful stories from their years of conflict. Italian pop-rock-funk singer-songwriter-guitarist Luca Bash has commandingly represented those struggles and bleak realities of the world in his latest EP, ‘Single Drops.’ Filled with songs that are unafraid of exploring such complex subjects as love and religion, the record proves that the musician has the organic ability and influence to change people’s perspectives and thoughts on such important topics.

The compilation album, which is the culmination of several songs from Bash’s previous four EPs that he released last year, including ‘Cyan,’ ‘Magenta,’ ‘Yellow’ and ‘Key Black,’ shows how the musician likes to connect to the soul of every track.

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Karen Benardello

Jun 2015 Flowers in a Gun Luca Bash brings the best of CMYK project to The Single Drops
After releasing four conceptual Eps in 2014 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black) singer-songwriter Luca Bash unites the best of them in sort of a compilation EP. The Single Drops features a track from each of the EPs and a brand new song – “Your Tomorrow”.

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Mart Kawaii

Jun 2015 Music-News Luca Bash: The Single Drops EP
It is easy to hide behind the distortion of an electric turned up past ten, but for Luca Bash this isn’t on his agenda. Instead Luca has chosen to bare his emotions for all of us to see, and I for one respect any artist that chooses to make that their mission; it can be a scary yet empowering place to be. It is difficult to release any song without the protection of other band members to help take on the many vast reviews an album of this sort can garner, and Luca Bash strips down to the most honest place a musician can find themselves with this sort of melodic and intimate album.

The latest EP “Single Drops” is a beautiful and somewhat pitchy collaboration between singer/songwriter Luca Bash and Giova Pes.

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Jun 2015 MusicExistence Album Review: Luca Bash – The Single Drops EP
Luca Bash had a very busy year in 2014, releasing 4 EP’s that crossed genres together in beautiful and inspiring ways. He comes back this year with a five-track compilation of those albums in the newest release, The Single Drops EP. Bash has excellent musical instincts, which are highlighted here on this EP. You can hear his fearless lyrics throughout all of his songs as he dives into subjects such as the nature of reality, religion and love.

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Kevin Barber

Jun 2015 The Miews Luca Bash: The Single Drops EP (Music Review)
On May 18th, Roman musician, Luca Bash, released his summer EP titled, The Single Drops, a project that blends together the indie folk and singer-songwriter genres. Musically, Luca is very talented and has a strong presence on each tune. Along the lines of a Dave Matthews or John Mayer, Luca Bash seems to know who he is as a musician and doesn’t try to stray or venture too far from his “lane”. His new EP showcases his strengths in the areas of songwriting and composition.

Of the songs on this release, “Black Swan’s Walls” is my favorite.

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Shaine Freeman

Jun 2015 Vents Magazine CD Review: Single Drops by Luca Bash
Luca Bash is in a league of his own. The Italian stallion deliberately sets himself from the rest by crafting his stripped back version of folk and rock that’s pure as snow and undeniably compelling. His latest project, ” Single Drops” is a complication EP, where he selected each release from his four 2014 EPs (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black), plus one bonus track.

The 5-track collection immediately draws you in with bonus track, ” Your Tomorrow” and “Dear John”.

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Tracey Dawkins

Jun 2015 Antimusic Luca Bash - Single Drops
Drawn from his four EPs (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black), plus a new song ("Your Tomorrow") Luca Bash makes folk-ish music with a distinctively world music vibe running through it.
Based in Rome, this music bears some resemblance at times to Dave Matthews. However, where Matthews' songs may jump and jive in places, Bash's sounds are far more straightforwardly linear. What these two artists do have in common, though, is a focus on great guitar playing - specifically acoustic guitar work. All these five songs include some stunning examples of acoustic finger picking.

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Dan Macintosh

Jun 2015 Poet and Pariah Review: Luca Bash ‘Single Drops
Having released 4 EP’s in 2014 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black), Rome-based Singer/Songwriter Luca Bash recently released ‘Single Drops,’ a compilation EP featuring 4 tracks from each of his previous EP’s, along with his latest single ‘Your Tomorrow.’

As the EP opener, ‘Your Tomorrow’ is the stuff of dreams.

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Jun 2015 Sleeping Bag StudiosSingle Drops’ EP Review
Definitely a tough one to review…I gotta give Luca Bash some real credit for challenging my ears and brain for true acceptance with this new EP. On the one hand, there’s a beautifully gifted songwriter and musician…on the other is one struggling to find the perfect tones of voice to match the music. Listening to Luca’s work, I’ve got nearly zero doubt that Giova Pes started on anything other than guitar originally; you can audibly hear the incredible connection to the instrument through the gorgeously flawless & melodic parts he’s written. I’d be willing to bet that Luca eventually chose to add vocals…but I’m thinking that in terms of his music it was the last piece to be added. That strong connection to the guitar and to the song-writing itself comes out a little more securely and confidently than the vocal performances for the most part on Single Drops…but nothing that should make you not want to give this new EP a chance; put it on, turn it up and let’s talk about Luca.

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Jun 2015 The Big Takeover Single Drops’ EP Review
In 2014, Rome recording artist Luca Bash released an ambitious series of four EPs, collectively known as CMYK, and fittingly titled individually, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black. His newest EP, The Single Drops is a cherry picked compilation of one song from each release in addition to a new song, Your Tomorrow.” Opening with the latter, the EP begins strong with a pensive vocal delivery and a finger picking style of playing reminiscent of Nick Drake. The song holds up strongly among what feels like the best songs from a large body of work.

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Cody Conard

Jun 2015 Verbal Slaps ‘Single Drops’ EP Review
To refer to Luca Bash’s output as an artist the last few years as prodigious would be an understatement, and with the release of his latest release – after releasing four EPs in 2014 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key Black) – Bash has assembled a compilation that takes one featured song from each EP and cheekily titled it Single Drops. With his acoustic folk rock showcased in a memorable collaboration, Bash’s latest effort is destined to take the current state of folk music and raise the bar.

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Jun 2015 Review Fix Single Drops’ EP Review + Interview
Sometimes great guitar work isn’t enough.

In the case of Italian singer/songwriter Lucas Bash, the insane string job he and longtime collaborator Giova Pes put together on their latest EP, “Single Drops” isn’t enough to make up for the fact that Bash’s vocals just aren’t up to par.

While the EP is an awesome collection of licks, it’s hard to ignore Bash’s vocals, which are often hard to understand, too low or most of the time, lost under the guitar work. Surprisingly deep and full, every track has a solo or a riff that’ll catch your ears. The fact that all the tracks feature just the duo and no one else is a testament to their ability on strings.

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Patrick Hickey Jr.



Review Fix chats with guitarist and singer Luca Bash who breaks down his new EP, “Single Drops.”

While the EP is an awesome collection of licks, deep and full, every track has a solo or a riff that’ll catch your ears. The fact that all the tracks feature just the duo and no one else is a testament to their ability on strings.

Review Fix: You’ve put out a ton of EPs lately, what makes this one extra special?

Luca Bash: The “flood” of songs I’ve published lately is not a foolish marketing strategy or an offensive counter-tactic against the experts’ industry know-how. It was a need. After my motorbike crash in 2013, It is a miracle I can play now my guitar. So, in one year, I published all my songs, to fix what I created in these years. ‘Single Drops’ is a manifesto of that, nothing more, and nothing less than one song for each EP and the latter, “Your Tomorrow.”

Review Fix: How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you?

Bash: By the acoustic point of view, it is an intimate way to tell what I think, dream, love and believe. And I try to do this by an original research of chords and themes. With the Band (the last songs of Magenta, Yellow and Key Black EPs) the sound is created by the track plowed by Dave Mathews Band, the band I love.

Review Fix:
How was “Your Tomorrow” written? Is there a story behind it?

Bash: It was written like every song I write. First, music is accompanied by a “false” English, then it is the lyrics turn. In that case, the music came into my mind like a mother that tells her baby about the future while he sleeps. Thus, the words can be more complicated and deep, like something for his future… like a heritage, I mean. Something that a kid cannot understand when awake. That’s why the verse swings between a 7/8 and a 4/4 tempo.

Review Fix: What else do you think makes that song special?

For me it is special because it is the latter, my testament, everything I am till now as a songwriter. For musicians, it is interesting for harmony and tempo, which swings between odd and even timings without jumping or stopping, just fluently. For the crowd, I don’t know… I thing it is a beautiful way to tell everybody how to read and love the metaphor of the rain.

Review Fix: Who inspires you vocally?

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Patrick Hickey Jr.

Jun 2015 Indiemunity Single Drops’ EP Review
Luca Bash’s newest release, “Single Drops” is a compilation of acoustic melodies in which he showcases intricate detail work on the guitar and a talent for song-writing.

This album starts off with a gentle melody on the guitar that is soothing and sweet. Bash’s voice adds to this mellow sound, crooning lyrics like “don’t fly too high to the edge of the sky, the raindrops won’t fall in vain, they’ll wash your tears away.” I really like the tender sound of this song—it is almost like a lullaby. At first, this artist’s voice seemed a bit intrusive to the soft and sweet song he set up in the beginning.

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Christen Johnson

Jun 2015 Scallywag Magazine Acoustically Yours with ‘The Single Drops’
Armed with two guitars and a deep set of lyric-writing skills, Luca Bash’s new EP The Single Drops goes right to the heart of the matter. Love, life, heartbreak, and redemption. It’s all there on The Single Drops. Bash’s music is specifically dramatic and unique and the EP feels a little old school, paving the way for a wider audience.

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R.B. Sloane

Jun 2015 DOA Short Takes, ‘Single Drops’ EP Review
Rome-native, alt-folk singer-songwriter Luca Bash released a set of four EPs named after colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black) in 2014 and this year he presents a compilation EP titled The Single Drops that features one track off each of those previous EPs, plus the new ballad “Your Tomorrow”. Lucas has worked for three decades in the artistic field, from sculpting to playing music, and he keeps his acoustic songs as uncomplicated as possible, using only two guitars (played by him and long-time collaborator Giova Pes) and his unadorned vocals.

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Jen Dan

Jun 2015 ManifestoSingle Drops’ EP Review
There are artists that come along that seem to tap into their wellspring of emotions connected to nature slightly better than others. Once The Single Drops, the new EP from singer/songwriter Luca Bash opens, you pick up right away that he’s one of those artists who’s beginning to show that talent. Bash hails from Rome, Italy and has been involved in many art forms but music has always captivated him most.

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Jun 2015 Examiner Luca Bash Looks Ahead With Your Tomorrow
Award winning artist, Luca Bash (along with Giova Pes) mixes rock with folk by removing the “noise” and stripping his arrangements down to their bare bones.

Bash has recently released a new EP (May 18th, 2015) titled The Single Drops. This compilation includes tracks from all four EP’s released in 2014 as well as a new track titled “Your Tomorrow.” He has also released a video. Here’s a look and thoughts on Bash’s latest tune.

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ITALIAN Articles
Mar 2009 Musicalnews News Bash ‘On Air’ Promotion
Giovedì 26 marzo al Goganga di Milano iBash (nella foto), la blues band romana capitanata da Luca 'Bash' Baciarello salirà in esclusiva sul palco del noto music club milanese per presentare dal vivo l’album d’esordio "On Air", 9 canzoni inedite sospese tra pop, funk e gli insegnamenti diDave Matthews...

Al via da Milano il tour promozionale dei Bash con l’album d’esordio ‘On Air’. Dopo i numerosi e positivi live-show radiofonici realizzati in tutta Italia, la band capitolina, guidata dall’intensa voce di Luca Bash, torna sui palchi dei music clubs per presentare dal vivo i nove brani inediti del primo lavoro discografico. Sarà così la suggestiva cornice del Goganga di via Cadolini 6 a Milano ( ad ospitare in esclusiva giovedì 26 Marzo le atmosfere calde e avvolgenti del pop blues dei Bash.

Luca Bash, nasce a Roma 28 anni fa. Un giorno, il 12 Dicembre 2005, passeggiando lungo l'atrio dell'Università della Musica s’imbattè in una bacheca. Un biglietto recitava così: "Cercasi cantante per cover band Dave Matthews". Strano, perché Luca soltanto 3 mesi prima aveva speso ben 3mila euro per andare a vederli a Los Angeles! Proprio quella band, la sua preferita. Staccò il bigliettino e...a distanza di un anno, nonostante musicisti meteore che entravano e uscivano, le prime gratificazioni professionali che provavano ad allontanarlo dalla sua ‘vita artistica parallela’, formò il suo nuovo gruppo, chiamato semplicemente Bash.

Nel 2006, Luca Bash vince il Festival della Canzone di Piombino con il brano "Dear John", ispirato alla figura di Papa Giovanni Paolo II, grazie ad una vibrante interpretazione in duo acustico.
L’anno successivo ritorna accompagnato dall’intera band, i Bash, con "Crumblin’ Lover", prima canzone arrangiata in gruppo. E questa volta è proprio il premio come ‘Miglior Arrangiamento’ a sottolineare la loro partecipazione.

Alla fine del 2008, ecco il primo album firmato Bash: “On Air”.
Dalle cover della Dave Matthews Band all’album d’esordio ne è passato di tempo, eppure per Luca rimane intatta quella forte ammirazione nei confronti del gruppo statunitense, senza il quale, forse, le cose sarebbero andate diversamente. “Grazie alla sua grande abilità di musicista e autore è nato in me prima un profondo senso di stima e poi il presentimento di poter seguire i suoi insegnamenti...”.

“On Air” presenta 9 canzoni inedite, di cui 6 cantate in italiano e 3 in inglese. L’album, pur assumendosi la responsabilità di non perdere mai di vista la sua vocazione ‘pop’, non rinuncia a quell’atmosfera live d’oltremanica che mescola ritmi funk e spruzzate jazz, l’odore del legno di rovere e il colore vivace dei suoni, parole normali e parole d’autore.

Mar 2009 Mescalina Recensione ‘On Air’
All’apparenza uno di quei dischi che gira a vuoto, senza rimedio che possa attecchire in una qualsiasi maniera all’apparato uditivo, e che invece te lo ritrovi nei polpacci a farti battere il tempo di una virtuale batteria. C’è qualcosa – nei paraggi del tempo musicale che viviamo – di eroico nella perseveranza di un gruppo come i romani Bash capitanati da Luca Bash; una stuzzicante testardaggine che, facendo pernacchie ai trend sonori, continuano a forgiare del sano funky-pop urbano.
I Bash con “On Air” costruiscono solamente “belle cose” a base di swing, chitarre, funky sincopati, poesia e una tecnica d’insieme rodata come una macchina da corsa; in un genere come il funky, definito per eccellenza watery (sbrodolone), la band suona con una misura a carato, non esiste un’oncia di sovrappeso né sfuriate strumentali devianti o rizzacapelli che possano indirizzare il neofita fuori strada.
Funky & dilatazioni: è sempre fattore di tranquillità sapere che esistono queste “isole” di buon suono a farci riprendere fiato tra fulmini e saette formato band, ed è ancora più rinfrancante sapere che ancora esistono realtà come queste che – senza scadere nel revivalaggio spicciolo e tamarro – scrivono testi e riarrangiano il genere senza mischiarlo in fusion da discount, attente a conservarne lo spirito affiancandolo alla loro energia lirica e vibrante. E l’effetto è notevole.
La carica interpretativa di Luca Bash guida questa band di ottimi elementi che ce la mettono tutta per rendere convincenti queste nove tracce che prima ti fanno scatenare come in un dancing a cielo aperto (Demoapatìa, Di Venere illusione, The big dive e Controtempo), poi ti fanno rilassare con lo swing (Swing lover, Hidden god) e infine ti lasciano un piccolo spiffero, dolce e malinconico, che ti perlustra dentro, tra coscienza e rammenti (Oro nero), la magnificenza stoppata di acustica che ricama la take “Dear John” dedicata a Giovanni Paolo II e “Gargantua” che riprende la quota di volo. L’On Air genetico dei Bush, regno si svisi elettrici, wha wha, fiati ritmici e tanto black blood nelle vene.
All’apparenza uno di quei dischi che gira a vuoto, si diceva poco fa; è proprio vero, mai fidarsi delle apparenze, e meno male che non esistono più i “mangiadischi” come negli anni ‘70, altrimenti questo cd sarebbe rovinato per sempre, tanto è appetibile.

Massimo Sannella
Mar 2009 La Stampa Recensione ‘On Air’
I Bash sono nati quasi per caso come nascono un po' tutte le formazioni: quando si risponde ad un'inserzione per formare un gruppo e suonare cover nei locali. On air è stato realizzato, interamente autoprodotto, alla fine dell'anno. E a differenza delle tante band che si formano qua e là, questa sembra proprio avere qualcosa da dire

«Il 12 dicembre del 2005, passeggiando lungo l'atrio dell'Università di Modena, Luca Bash s'imbatté in una bateca. Un biglietto recitava così: Cercasi cantante per cover band Dave Matthews. Soltanto 3 mesi prima aveva preso un biglietto per andarli a vedere a Los Angeles».

Le canzoni:
1- demapatia
2- oro nero
3- swing lover
4- hidden god
5- controtempo
6- dear John
7- di venere illusione
8- the big dive
9- gargantua

La musica è protagonista. La voce diventa uno strumento in più, che si accorda e accompagna con arrangiamenti swing, dolci, ritmati. Il risultato di questa prima fatica discografica è un lavoro che suona compatto. Un ensamble azzeccato e interessante, giovane ma già maturo.

«Nel 2006 Luca Bash vince il Festival della canzone di Piombino con il brano Dear John, ispirato alla figura di Giovanni Paolo II, grazie ad un vibrante duo acustico. L'anno dopo ritorna – questa volta accompagnato dalla sua band – e con la canzone Crumblin' lover si aggiudica il premio come migliore arrangiamento».

Federico Genta

Oct 2009 Festival della canzone di Piombino Comunicato, pag. 8

Si è tenuto dal 14 al 16 luglio 2006, nella splendida cornice di Piazza Bovio la quarta edizione del
“Festival Estivo della Canzone”. L'iniziativa organizzata da Crescenzo De Luca, Giovanni
Germanelli, Juri Mariti era patrocinata dal Comune di Piombino, l'AVT, la Circoscrizione Porta a
terra, l'ASI, il CNA, la Confommercio, la Confesercenti e la Proloco Piombino.
Vincitore della quarta edizione del festival è risultato Luca Bash. L’artista romano si è
guadagnato il favore della giuria e anche il premio per la migliore
interpretazione con la canzone “Dear John”, dedicata allo scomparso
papa Giovanni Paolo II. Secondo classificato il gruppo degli elbani
Peace Frog con la canzone punk-rock “The garden of blues”, che
accederanno di diritto all’edizione 2007. Posizione identica all’anno
precedente per il gruppo dei Tecno Food, unico gruppo di Piombino
promosso alla finale, che si aggiudica il terzo posto con una canzone sui
problemi di coppia, “Risvolti di una padella (vorrei una antiaderente)”. Il
premio per il miglior testo è andato al Gruppo di Rio Marina Tribù mista
con il brano “Diamanti nell’oceano”. La cantante romana Manila Maggio
Tummiolo si è aggiudicata il premio per il miglior arrangiamento con la
canzone pop “Take me there”. Premio giuria popolare e miglior brano
radiofonico per la cantante di Catanzaro Serena Cristofalo che si è
invece piazzata al quarto posto nella classifica finale.
La serata è stata presentata da Anna Pettinelli, voce di Rds, Stefano Baragli e Sara Chiarei, che
hanno condotto vivacemente per tre ore lo spettacolo. Proprio Anna Pettinelli ha dichiarato di aver
apprezzato molto la manifestazione, secondo lei ben organizzata anche nel più piccolo particolare
da Crescenzo De Luca, Giovanni Germanelli, Juri Mariti.
Jul 2006 Piombino Corriere etrusco Bash vince il Festival Estivo 2006

Luca Bash, giovane ingegnere romano, è il vincitore della quarta edizione del Festival Estivo della Canzone con il brano “Dear John”, mentre sono ben tre premi vinti dalla giovane Serena Cristofalo. La sedicenne inteprete di Catanzaro con “Siamo noi” ha sbancato il botteghino del Festival.

La serata è stata ricca di emozioni oltre alla bella musica proposta dai concorrenti, c’è stato spazio per la solidarietà con “I ragazzi dell’Arcobaleno” che con Alessio Demi hanno riscosso successo e applausi dal pubblico presente numeroso in piazza Bovio. Il gruppo dell’associazione piombinese “La Provvidenza” ospite della serata ha interpretato un brano scritto da Pino Bertelli con la regia di Gianni Nepi. Il brano fa parte di un progetto che con un libro fotografico realizzato da Bertelli e un cd con alcuni brani interpretati dai ragazzi diretti da Gianni Nepi, saranno venduti e il ricavato servirà alla realizzazione di una casa famiglia per ospitare questi ragazzi quando saranno più grandi evitandoli di rimanere soli o finire in altre strutture assistenziali.

Il programma prevedeva anche le coreografie curati dalla Scuola Centro Studi Danza di Monica Guerrieri, lo streep tease dei bambini del negozio Chicco Punto Infanzia e l’esibizione degli AFO 4 che hanno presentato il loro video girato a gennaio scorso proprio nella nostra zona. La band composta da Marco Mezzacapo alla chitarra, Irene Mezzacapo voce, Giovanni Germanelli al basso e Luca Tognoni alla batteria, hanno realizzato il video sulle note del brano “Stupido”, prodotto da Marco Bertogna e Gianmaria Tavanti, Chiara Ferrantini (scenografie e costumi), Andrea Fastella direttore della fotografia, Francesco Tatò per la produzione esecutiva, per la regia di Carlo Paramidani. Gli attori del video sono stati Alessandro Furnari e Ilaria Fratoni. La band di casa nostra costituitasi nel 1995 come Amomo Nomo e, ribattezzato circa un anno fa con il nome dell’altoforno siderurgico piombinese AFO 4 appunto.

La serata è stata condotta da Anna Pettinelli, Stefano Baragli e Sara Chiarei hanno condotto tre ore di spettacolo. E proprio Anna Pettinelli, ha dichiarato di aver apprezzato molto questa manifestazione che deve ancora crescere, ma già molto buona sotto il profilo organizzativo –“Mi sono divertita molto a condurla, ma deve arrivare una mano più grande dalle Amministrazioni locali per farla emergere dalla provincia”. In effetti gli organizzatori Crescenzo De Luca, Giovanni Germanelli, Jurj Mariti , Stefano Ferrini e Luca Tognoni, si sono dati molto da fare per la riuscita di questa manifestazione alla quale lavorano per tutto l’anno. Il Festival quest’anno ha dimostrato che può e deve crescere ancora, regalandoci una bella cartolina dalla piazza alla quale tutti siamo affezionati . Sotto una luna che si rispecchiava sul mare del canale, si sono vissute emozioni e sportività, soprattutto le quinte dove si è respirava la competizione mista di grande amicizia, i cantanti che tra loro si incoraggiavano e scherzavano; un bel segno che dimostra l’universalità della musica.
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Welcome to Ireland
EP#1 Cyan - n°6
A song dedicated to the wonderful Irish people and their lovely mindset.
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