The technology that supports my passion


  • Acoustic: Taylor 814ce GA, Strings: Elixir Poliweb light-medium Acoustic 0,12
  • Hybrid: Ovation Vxt, Strings: Daddario EXP 140
  • Baritone: Walden B1E, Strings: Elixir Nanoweb Baritone 0,16


Acoustic Guitar Sound:
  • Effects: TC Electronic G Natural
  • Ampli: Schertler Jam 100

Electric Guitar Sound:
  • Tuner: Korg Tuner D10
  • Buffer: MXR MC406
  • Wha: Dunlop 95Q
  • Compressor: Xotic SP
  • Overdrive 1: Sparkling Yellow OD2
  • Overdrive 2: Mesa Boogie Flux Drive
  • EQ: MXR 6-Band
  • Chorus: MXR ZW 38 Black label
  • Delay: TC Electronic FlashBack
  • Ampli: Fender Princeton


  • Voice: Rode S1
  • Side microphones: Shure SM58 and SM57

Compact Stage (Acoustic Duo - little stage/PA)
  • AC Ampli: Schertler Jam 100
  • Monitor: Behringer B205D
  • Voice PedalBoard: TC Helicon T1, R1, Harmony GXT

Medium Stage
  • PA Amplification: SR Technologies Pocket 1500
  • Mixer: Soundcraft MXi12 FX
  • Preamp & Soundboard: Focusrite Scarlet 18i20
  • Voice Effects: Focusrite Voicemaster Platinum Pro

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Forever Like Asleep
EP#1 Cyan - n°1
If the after-life were like an eternal dream… just like sleeping forever within your best dream.
Header photos by Annalisa Russo
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