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I met Giovanni during our “recruiting” phase for our Bash project in 2007. He was Matilli’s friend, coming from the same music school we were attending, the UM in Rome.
Our acoustic Duo was a natural consequence of a live request for a “compact” band version of BASH.
We have played together several times around Italy from 2007 to 2011.
In 2011 Giovanni went to Milan for work, because the 99,9% of the passion “distribution” is out of “life” specification limits. No money at all, probably because we have never deserved such luck, but actually we don’t really care about it.
For the same reason, I moved in 2012 to Turin, just 130 km “close” to Giovanni. So we started again to “work” together on my tracks.
Therefore the acoustic duo Luca Bash & Giova Pes started with a new production horizon. We started writing and arranging the CMYK project, a complete final release of all the songs I have written in these years. The project details are explained below. I remember that I started playing guitar pushed by Dave Matthews Live album “Live at Luter College”. For that reason, I am convinced that a song played properly with two guitar and voice is enough and interesting too, to let my music come out from its hideout.
Giovanni is a very good friend of mine, as well as a great guitarist, in my opinion. His guitar arrangements enlighten my songs in a way I couldn’t imagine when I wrote them.
The target is to play our music in clubs, with compact high quality equipment we have provided for this goal.

CMYK - 2014

Project description

At the end of 2012, with Giovanni, I decided to start a not well defined project. I started writing new songs and working with Giovanni on the new arrangements. Until the next year this project remained with no name and without a certain track list. On the 17th of April 2013, in the middle of recording the first tracks, I had a bad crash on my motorbike. After 4 months of convalescence and home rest, I realized that I was lucky to be alive and healthy, but I was a fool, as an artist, because I composed a lot without “freezing” it with a good recording session. So I planned to record in the 2014 four EPs, to let my lines and notes be “printed” and available.
I called it CMYK for a simple reason: the people who work with graphics and computer design know very well that, when they have to print what they did, they have to convert the color profile, because printers work with four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black.
Respectively, this project is a way to print my soul, my artist will and my feelings.
It is a 2 guitar and vocal project, not only by necessity, but also because I wanted it to be like a friendly listener’s invitation to play my songs next to him in his living room.
Moreover I decided to study guitar in 2001 after admiring Dave Matthews’s Live at Luter College, a marvelous live concert in acoustic duo.
Current music production rules discourage this kind of recordings. So, probably, it is a good idea.
The 5th EP is called “Single Drops” which represents a summary of the CMYK project, proposing one single, “Your Tomorrow”, and one song from each EP (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black).

CMYK Single Strokes

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This is an ensamble of 4 singles, each one taken from one different EP of the CMYK EP collection, listed below.
It is a sort of poster, that works like a manifesto for the entire project.

Track List

1. Your Tomorrow [Key Black]
2. Forever Like Asleep [Cyan]
3. Dear John [Magenta]
4. Little Tale [Yellow]
5. Black Swan’s Walls [Key Black]


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1. Forever Like Asleep
2. Love and Lust
3. Paradise Cafè
4. Shall We Dance?
5. The Eighth Sin
6. Welcome to Ireland
7. Crumblin’ Lover
8. Shall We Dance? R.E.
The last is “Shall We Dance?” , same track without intro


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1. Dear John
2. Demoapathy
3. Backstage
4. So High
5. Millennium Idiot
6. Women’s Way (NuShu)
7. Then I Will Run Away
8. Love and Lust
The last is “Love and Lust”, arranged with BASH in 2009 and never published


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1. Little Tale
2. In My Place
3. My Magic Mirror
4. Upwind
5. Hidden God
6. The Big Dive
7. My Father, Gargantua
8. Millennium Idiot
The last is “Millennium Idiot”, arranged with BASH in 2009 and never published

Key Black

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1. Black Swan’s Walls
2. The Sun’s Everlasting Smile
3. Beyond The Screen
4. Fair White Lies
5. Helena
6. Jackyll & Hyde
7. Your Tomorrow
8. In My Place
The last is “In My Place”, arranged with BASH in 2009 and never published
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Your Tomorrow
EP#4 Key Black - n°1
A mom tells her life testament to her kid while he sleeps.
Header photos by Annalisa Russo
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