2006-2011 of passion

BASH - Band Bio

Bash at Pontecorvo
On the 12th of December 2005, during one of the daily coffees usually taken between the courses in my music college, I noticed a little note on the school message board. The message on it was: ”Dave Matthews band tribute project is looking for a singer”. Oh, well… by considering that only three months earlier I spent 3000€ for a road trip in California, where everything was planned around the DMB concert in LA, I was so exited to call the phone number on it. Contact: Mr Fabio.
As soon as I contacted him, the deed was done.
Basically, as a tribute band, or sort of, several members were still missing. We started with Fabio and Ande Scali, as lead guitar and drums, and me on the mic and the rhythm guitar. In a few steps I got Riccardo, the bassman, and the sax, Giordano Esposito. Everything was so far to be considered at least similar, or sound-almost-like, the DMBand music we where trying to approach, but a few months later we had the first live event.
We were practicing in a 1 squared meter room, comfortable to be played without instruments. The need for a place able to let the band grow grew with the growth of the will to grow as a band, and the sound basically grew, but not so the room. So we moved to Forte Bravetta, but our wallet balance didn’t help us to keep on practicing in a rental room. That moment also saw the end of our musical relationship with Fabio. So, difficulties to practice, difficulties to play, difficulties everywhere.
First step, we created our practice room in a car box, the 5th of May 2006. It was naked, cold, innocent… but rich of potentials. 1 month and it was completed. This exiting event was as great as the only 1 practice we had before summer.
In September the band project left the incubator, healthy and powerful. Nothing was missing for a good result: our box, equipment, tracks to arrange. But we figured out that a keyboard was needed, as the salt on a steak. In October Alessandro Matilli on keyboards and Fabrizio Rodio as lead guitar entered the band. In November the band was potentially a bazooka, without ammo. But the target was decided. Cover band of the Dave Matthews Band, just to get a setlist to play around, and then drifting to my songs and hope for the jump, hopefully, not off a cliff.
January 2007: first concert, but the last… Sadly and suddenly Fabrizio and Andre told us they decided to leave for a master in the US.
After two months a new Drummer, Alessandro Cioffi, aka Big Ale, and Giovanni Pes joined the band.
Immediately we won best arrangement in the Piombino Festival with Crumbling’ Lover and we started thinking, arranging and recording our first album, ‘On Air’, in 2009. Sadly, we did it without Giorgano, who decided to go back to Sardinia before the recordings. Some months after the album release Duilio Ingrosso joined the band. With him we have recorded 3 tracks unpublished till 2014.
We have played many times in the following two years.
In 2011 we buried this project. Riccardo went to Barcellona to study, Pes to Milan for work and I was changing my Job location from Cassino to Turin.
I was lucky. I played with great musicians without being a great musician
but, most of all, I met great persons and friends.

Good Luck guys.

BASH - On Air (2009)