Interesting hideouts I like to spy

Artist Sites

Dave Matthews Band Website

Dave Matthews Band Website

John Mayer Website

Italian Guitarist Website

Italian unknown singer… but first of all a lovely friend

Giova’s FB Profile

Music Sites

Franco Roncarolo’s School website

Dave Matthews Band guitar instructions… where I took my first guitar steps

My good friend Alex and his studio service… his great skill for everyone

Tons of tabs

And tons of Musical Instruments…

Dave Matthews Band Italian Fan website

General Sites

RealMac Website for a self-site construction, like this one

My friend and photographer

Some great photos about my music come from his camera

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The Sun’s Everlasting Smile
EP#4 Key Black - n°6
An aesthetic flaw, expressed by this foolish world appearance criteria, could make some one sacrifice one of the best human assets, the smile.
Header photos by Annalisa Russo
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