‘Single Drops’ - New EP Release

“Italian songwriter Luca Bash has just released a memorable and frequently stunning new record: The Single Drops which features a track from each of his four EP's as well as the awe-inspiring Your Tomorrow, the final track from his CMYK project. Mingling acoustic artistry with folky arrangements Luca Bash is taking folk rock to a new level.”

“Based on the dichotomy of balancing normal life with a love for music Luca Bash is the kind of artist who seeks to strip down the music to its bare soul. Using only two guitars, Luca Bash, and his longtime collaborator Giova Pes have been able to conjure up charming and powerful soundscapes that inspire the listener. Filled with deep layers of meaning there is a lot to dissect with The Single Drops – a record that represents the pinnacle of years of artistic struggle.” by Independent Music Promotions

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Luca Bash

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It is easy to tell my story. I live in a heavy dichotomy: between a normal life of studies and a strictly respected education path , and a second one, where I seek to express myself through the arts.
I believe this is the case for a lot of people.
The first one is going well. I have a Job, good earnings, professional satisfactions and a comfortable place in society. The other one is a continuous search began in the 90s, when I chose to unfold myself through the arts.
In 1994 I sold my violin after three years of studies to buy my first guitar, which was a room ornament until 1999, when I started writing my first song, “Welcome to Ireland”. The flow of reasons that brought me to write a song are very difficult to explain. In that case it was my surprise and love for the Irish people, who wear a smile in face of the bad weather… always. If I read my lyrics, I clearly see that my basic drivers are the desire to explain happiness and to reveal our human traits. These are the two aspects that I really love to write about, because maybe they have meanings and concepts truly shareable with a potential listener.
So I started a more songwriting-oriented path at the “University of Music in Rome”. In parallel (1994-1997) I attended private lessons in oil painting and sculpture, and then (1997-1999) I joined the choir of my high school, with the director Fabrizio Barchi. In 2004 I finished my experience at UM, recording 13 guitar and vocal tracks. "Dear John", written in 2005, gave me the chance to advertise my art by winning in 2006 the International Festival of Songs of Piombino, including the award for best interpretation.
The final exhibition was the moment where I usually find the memory that pushes to go on writing songs. During that final there were around 800-1000 people in the plaza. Before the final part of “dear John”, I make a pause after a B7, followed by a G. When I reached that point of the song, the crowd was quite and the silence was incredible. But a young female voice (I didn’t see her face because of the stage lights in front of my eyes) screamed aloud “Bravo”, and, despite the fact that I was playing, I heard her. I still remember the shivers. I was unknown, playing a song unknown as well, but able to give emotions. This is the reason why I still compose. For that young girl.
This was also the period when my band 'BASH' began (see the BIO BASH). "Crumblin' Lover" represented the first piece arranged by the band (at that time we were called Luca Bashin' Monkeys). In 2007 we joined again The Festival of Piombino with this song and we got the Best Arrangement award.
Today I live between music and work, sacrificing everything else.
A 36 hour day would be helpful…
In 2011 the Bash adventure ended. Rick, bass, went to Barcelona. Giovanni, guitar, moved to Milan. We tried with David and Fabio an attempt to rebuild our project, but we had incompatible schedules. So "Bash" became part of the history.
In 2012 I went to Turin to follow my “ordinary” life aspirations. After some months of settling in, I met Giovanni again, my previous band guitarist, because Milan and Turin are "quite" close. "Only" 130 km.
We decided to compose again and to assemble a new band. Meanwhile I took my notebook and I re-started writing songs.
In 2013 we started recording our first tracks, still without a project "container", in other words without a clear masterplan.
The 17th of April 2013 I had a serious accident on my motorbike. I woke up after a 5 days of coma in a bed, with tubes, pills and a third of my spine broken, accompanied by some ribs and a shoulder collapsed as well.
After 5 months I was ok and able to do all the things I used to do before that crash. A miracle, If I were a believer. A big BIG B I G stroke of luck, It probably was.
With this behind me one thing became clear: I had written a lot of songs which had never seen the light of day.
And so the CMYK project started. For me it is a way to “print” my art, and no matter how many followers I'll get or the resonance it will have. I have to do it. I need to do It.

Luca Bash & Giova Pes

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I met Giovanni during our “recruiting” phase for our Bash project in 2007. He was Matilli’s friend, coming from the same music school we were attending, the UM in Rome.
Our acoustic Duo was a natural consequence of a live request for a “compact” band version of BASH.
We have played together several times around Italy from 2007 to 2011.
In 2011 Giovanni went to Milan for work, because the 99,9% of the passion “distribution” is out of “life” specification limits. No money at all, probably because we have never deserved such luck, but actually we don’t really care about it.
For the same reason, I moved in 2012 to Turin, just 130 km “close” to Giovanni. So we started again to “work” together on my tracks.
Therefore the acoustic duo Luca Bash & Giova Pes started with a new production horizon. We started writing and arranging the CMYK project, a complete final release of all the songs I have written in these years. The project details are explained below. I remember that I started playing guitar pushed by Dave Matthews Live album “Live at Luter College”. For that reason, I am convinced that a song played properly with two guitar and voice is enough and interesting too, to let my music come out from its hideout.
Giovanni is a very good friend of mine, as well as a great guitarist, in my opinion. His guitar arrangements enlighten my songs in a way I couldn’t imagine when I wrote them.
The target is to play our music in clubs, with compact high quality equipment we have provided for this goal.

The CMYK Project

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At the end of 2012, with Giovanni, I decided to start a not well defined project. I started writing new songs and working with Giovanni on the new arrangements. Until the next year this project remained with no name and without a certain track list. On the 17th of April 2013, in the middle of recording the first tracks, I had a bad crash on my motorbike. After 4 months of convalescence and home rest, I realized that I was lucky to be alive and healthy, but I was a fool, as an artist, because I composed a lot without “freezing” it with a good recording session. So I planned to record in the 2014 four EPs, to let my lines and notes be “printed” and available.
I called it CMYK for a simple reason: the people who work with graphics and computer design know very well that, when they have to print what they did, they have to convert the color profile, because printers work with four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black.
Respectively, this project is a way to print my soul, my artist will and my feelings.
It is a 2 guitar and vocal project, not only by necessity, but also because I wanted it to be like a friendly listener’s invitation to play my songs next to him in his living room.
Moreover I decided to study guitar in 2001 after admiring Dave Matthews’s Live at Luter College, a marvelous live concert in acoustic duo.
Current music production rules discourage this kind of recordings. So, probably, it is a good idea.
The 5th EP is called “Single Drops” which represents a summary of the CMYK project, proposing one single, “Your Tomorrow”, and one song from each EP (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black).


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The Sun’s Everlasting Smile - An aesthetic flaw, expressed by this foolish world appearance criteria, could make some one sacrifice one of the best human assets, the smile.

Forever Like asleep - If the after-life were like an eternal dream… just like sleeping forever within your best dream

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Welcome to Ireland - A song dedicated to the wonderful Irish people and their lovely mindset

Women’s Way (NuShu) - An old Chinese story where women taught the essence of freedom, more than men’s swords and wars

Your Tomorrow - A mom tells her life testament to her kid while he sleeps.

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Your Tomorrow

Year: 2015
Album: CMYK - EP#4 Key Black (2015); CMYK - Single Strokes (2015)
Language: English
This is the latest song I have written, since 2003, when I started composing my lyrics and melodies. It should be my testament. A sort of “ultimate experience package” regarding my songwriting expertise.
For that reason it has some peculiar characteristics. The rhythm swings from a 7/8 to a 4/4, trying to support a melody that a pop listener would not define as a “lame stride”. In fact “lame” was the last adjective used by a friend of mine, not a musician nor an “expert” music listener , when I let him listen to a 7/4 song I really like, “Seven” by DMB. So it was a sort of challenge, regarding composing an easy-to-approach song.
The meaning and the lyrics also have something that I can define as “ultimate”. The song is about a mom who speaks to her baby while he sleeps. She describes to him all the difficulties and the obstacles he will “join” in the future in front of him. But she will tell him how to understand and face these road blocks, and how to brew the elixir of happiness from the pain this world likes to use to slash our life.
In all the songs I have written till know, the main aspect I try to treat regards the happiness and the understanding of our nature and life. So a mom who speaks about this to her son while he sleeps will use a rhythm and a melody not easy for a baby to be understood but full of hope and love.
This is all the stuff behind this song, and I hope it can come out clearly and intimately when listen to.
I adore watching you fall
Asleep in my arms
Bold and brave they'll be to hold
The darkness off
And shape this world
To let you grow,
To let your soul unfold
Like a Chestnut Rose

Youth will pass you by
Like a deadly dart
Aiming to a silent night
That you'll fight despite no hope
To understand why we need to rush
If our ashes will merge, one day
With the sand of time

But don't try to stand
For your lies
And don't fly too high
Till the edge of the sky
The raindrops won’t fall in vain
They’ll wash your tears away
They are meant to let you feel
Just how much dark a day could be
And you'll learn that darkness and rain
Will let you taste the real sense
Of the light
Love will fill your heart
As the flames flare in a hearth
Though you‘ll have to know
That of a sudden blaze nothing
Will last to warm
And make your soul unveil
Like the embers’ way to lie

But don't wait to stand
For your cries
And don't fly too high
To rule your pride
The tears won’t fall in vain
They’ll wash your fears away
They are meant to let you heal
As much pain as you believe
That the real love won’t halve your soul
But your will to hiss and lie
To the sense of life
The tears won’t fall in vain
They’ll wash your fears away
They are meant to let you heal
As much pain as you believe
That the real love won’t halve your soul
But It will enrich your fate
With all the strength you’d need
To face the hatred you’ll see
To build up your days and dreams…
Oh your dreams…
They’re not the mouth
but the spring
of tomorrow’s river you will sail
and my love will be…
Your wind

Forever Like Asleep

Year: 2013
Album: CMYK - EP#1 Cyan (2014)
Language: English
Sometimes I wonder what will happen to us after death.
If I were a catholic, probably I would find the answer in the Bible and in the Faith.
Or, if I were a invincible Mechanism disciple, I would find the answer in the nothing's echoes or in the cruel but democratic Chaos.
I wish or I really love to think that, when I die, my last dream remains in my mind, as a picture frozen for eternity… Oh, this should be a really nice paradise… depending on the dream, obviously! It’s understood it must be a nice one!
So… Forever into a dream. Forever like asleep. Wow…
At the beginning, when this idea touched my mind, I thought that I would love this kind of afterlife.
So I started writing this song
But when i reached the time to write the chorus, I was no longer so enthusiastic about my original idea… because a dream is a mixture of memories and fantasies, fears and regrets. Surely, The End of our life story it is certainly cruel, but enhances the value of life, the real life.
So, I would prefer to live a real moment for a minute, than a dream for eternity. And, if you knew that your dreams will be your afterlife paradise, what kind of value you would give to your life? And what kind of value shall be given to love?
Mmm... Last night i was a King
Crimson velvet gold and green
The jester's trying to make me laugh
By kidding my heart so lonely and weak
Too deep into my wars to seek my Queen

I’ve got to dream
To enjoy my life for real
Like once when I was in prison
Able to escape and once outside on my knees
Surprised to feel
How much the smell of freedom can be sweet

I wonder if when my life one day will end
and everything will turn to nothing
I will keep on living within my dreams
Forever like asleep

Your smile will shine in a timeless night
You’ll be close to me and we’ll live
Forever like asleep
You’ll never die enjoying this life
Afraid of nothing forever like a dream
Although our Lord denied the joy for life
An Eternal dream should be a right prize
to pay back his fun to leave us
Limping and gasping until our last throw of die
Just leave me, please just leave me my last wish

I wonder if when this world one day will end
and everything will turn to nothing
I will keep on dreaming to be in love with you
Forever like asleep

Your smile will shine in a timeless night
You’ll be close to me and we’ll live
Forever like asleep
You’ll never die enjoying this lie
Afraid of nothing forever like unreal
‘Cause this won’t light
As much as every moment we’ll share for real
Every single fear we’ll face and win
If you’ll love me and steal my soul
I swear I’ll give you my heart
Till death do us part
I wonder if when this world one day will end
and everything will turn to nothing
I will keep on dreaming to be in love with you
Forever like asleep

Your smile will shine in a timeless night
You’ll be close to me and well live
Forever like asleep

You’ll never die enjoying this lie
Afraid of nothing forever like unreal
‘Cause this won’t light
As much as every moment we’ll share for real
Every single fear we’ll face and win
If you’ll love me and steal my soul
I swear I’ll give you my heart
Oh i swear I’ll give you my heart
Till death do us part

Dear John

Year: 2005
Album: CMYK - EP#2 Magenta (2014); CMYK - Single Strokes (2015)
Language: English
In 2005 John Paul the Second died. As I said in other song meanings, I’m not Catholic but in these lyrics I define myself as a “Godless soul”, but I don’t think it matters what kind of Belief I have.
When John Paul the Second died, I was in Rome. It was something really sad for Catholics and also for romans like me. Despite my not being involved in Church news and events, I was always mesmerized by this Pope. Thanks to my age, I had no experience in terms of popes, but, according to what my father told me, his effort for unity and for peace was great.
I decided to write a song dedicated to him for one reason. I am convinced that religion is a path to reach the truth, but it is not “a stand alone truth”. We have a lot of religions and factions in this world, but the truth should be, thanks to its definition, one and only one, unfortunately unknown. But it is difficult to believe that there is one “right” religion and that all the others are “wrong”. I think that we choose of feel like following religion for our own need to be ‘accompanied’ through the mystery of our nature, because it is something that we cannot deeply understand. But although I did not studied all the religions in the world and I’m using only the logic to guess, all religions support the survival of our species. And our survival is only possible by understanding ‘The Love’. ‘The Love’ is a bigger concept than the one we use every day: Love doesn’t regard only an affective relationship, but affects and defines, in my opinion, our empathy with other humans. It is impossible to help a stranger without ‘The Love’. It is also impossible to cry for a stranger’s sad fate without ‘The Love’.
John Paul the Second was a Catholic Pope, but I believe that his words, intentions and tears were not only catholic. They were warm and suitable for all of us. His Love for human nature and human fate was great, and could be felt through his words and through his tired stride. This lesson, in my opinion, is something to put into a song, because, if well understood, our future could only improve. On the other hand, indifference, hatred, egoism and violence are the most dangerous menace for our children and our destiny.
His life and words represent the fact that Love yields to none, if we want to shape a better place for ourselves and for the next generations.
Dear John
I’ve never met you
Never pleased my knees
To touch the ground
Where your tired stride has ploughed
The ways of faith
The faith we need
To carry the burden to be human
Grown in indifference
To live together in peace

I don’t believe
There’s someone above,
An architect devoted to judge
And design each one’s fate
In order to light the path of happiness
Someone says
You’re the greatest pope we have ever had
Let a godless soul say
You’re the shiny emblem
That love yields to none

That love yields to none
That love yields to none
That love yields to none
So strange to see
How a stranger with no faith like me
Walks your way
By a tired stride
Straight to the reason of life
Light we need to change principles
Variables falsely unchangeable
Should be a miracle
Understanding the essence
Of being here

Well, I believe
“Religion’s why” is to grant
A shoulder to cry
When the present hurts more then
The fall of time’s sand
No matter where we choose to cry
No matter how we choose to die
‘Cause the renaissance of mankind
Starts by knowing
That this love yields to none

That love yields to none
That love yields to none
That love yields to none
I have never seen the sun,
Enlightenment we need,
To grow and live in serenity
As me in my fantasy,
But I believe in your life,
The only way to a rebirth in peace

Little Tale

Year: 2002
Album: CMYK - EP#4 Key Black (2015)
Language: English
I think it was 1999 when I went with my school to the Opera of Rome to listen to Sinopoli’s rehearsals and lessons of Wagner’s masterpieces. 4 years later, the story I had read about Siegfried came in my mind.
In Wagner’s “Siegfried” there was a dragon, “Fafner”, guardian of a treasure.
So I’ve just imaged a story, a fairy tale.
Since the dawn of time a Dragon was the guardian of a treasure: Dreams.
Old and annoyed, he fell asleep. Thanks to this fact, sometimes, a Dream goes outside the cave and starts floating, craving someone to touch and getting real.
Basically, an euphemism of a stroke of luck.
After floating around the city, brought by a comfortable wind, this Dream ends up in a lab, and touches a hamster, while he is running fast inside his wheel. Suddenly, his wheel crumbles and the doors get open.
“Wow”, he says.
Exited, he starts walking toward the door.
Like a ghost, an old man appears in front of him.
He seems old and wise. He starts whispering in the hamster’s ears warm words and suggestions. ‘Outside it could be cold’.
‘Ask yourself: where could a hamster go?’.
‘No one is waiting for me’, the hamster thinks.
The old man continues his speech: ’You are a hamster and nothing more. Here it is warm, and you are protected from the outside jungle creatures. Do not be foolish’.
So, the old wise man disappears.
The hamster thinks: ”oh, if I were a man, or a Lion… better a dragon… It would be my chance! But I’m not…”
So he starts building his wheel again, like a prisoner who builds his cage again, after his release.
Once upon a time on mankind’s eve
A dragon, old and tired
Agreed to guard dreams, then asleep
Deeply he fell
Thus sometimes a wish silently flies away
Fortune on the chosen one’s hand
Who yearned this chance
Is he ready?

Walk, run, leap blindly into a circle
A bleeding wish to taste a tear once in a life

Look at your life, an hamster’s wheel
Which your legs are running in
So that years are running by
Doubts in the belief
That is all you really need
Deeply you pray
Thus sometimes a wish silently flies away
Fortune on your chosen
Right hand who yearned this chance
Are you ready?
Walk, run, leap blindly into a circle
But now, by now, you can run away
Here… oh, you can run away here
Can you see it’s time
To realize the door is open wide?
Re-light your life…
Can you see it’s time
To heal your fate
Why don’t you try to learn to fly?

Oh, the wise man who is whispering in your ear
He will charm your hands
Look at that wheel, now it is down to set you free
Do not be afraid

Walk, run, leap, blindly into a circle
Spineless will to build again your wheel
Can you see it’s time
To realize the door is open wide?
Re-light your life…
Can you see it’s time
To heal the fate
Why don’t you try to learn to fly?
Here you are
There’s strength inside
Do you wanna die
And leave it all behind
Or get now that chance
To feel free?

Oh… don’t say you don’t
Oh… don’t say you won’t… please…

So this tale ends, with a dream in a cage,
With a life in the shade,
With a man lost again in the same

Black Swan’s Walls

Year: 2015
Album: CMYK - EP#4 Key Black (2015); CMYK - Single Strokes (2015)
Language: English
Since 1995, when I was 5 years old, I started stuttering. This “thing” lasted for 13 years, till 1998, when I solved 99% of my problem. Today you can notice only a little trace of this problem. Sometimes, I stumble during a speech. I solved my problem alone, after attending lot of useless (for me) psychological sessions. The secret was self-irony, accepting my problem, ignoring the others laughing or teasing, and getting over the shame with the will and with a logical and pragmatic approach.
The biggest effect and the current reflection of this problem is probably my pleasure in facing my life and my problems alone, without counting on other people’s help, comprehension and support. Today I am definitely a happy person and stronger than the kid frightened to feel part of a world where communication is the key for 99% of dreams and success.
The Strange thing, or better, the incredible thing is that Stuttering is one of the most terrible social diseases you could get. Today is the millennium of communication and relationships, no matter how true they are or how true they pretend to be, but you have to “communicate” that you are part of this world. The painful aspect is that your disease is a reason for “the listener” to laugh, and also tease you when you are not present. Moreover, writers of comedian movies, just to make audiences laugh when the character is not funny “enough”, they give him the “stuttering” effect, to be sure to hit the mark.
It’s frustrating. Moreover it increases the fear of communication, and sequentially this increases the “marvelous stuttering” effect beloved by the audience, who “deserve” a easy way to get a smile.
If you stutter, this song is for you, dudes, and for me, still.
You dodge my jamming jumping speech
By worried eyes that swim inside
a funny sense of pity

My doomed fate is to make you laugh
By this stutter’s swinging stumbling stride
I’m glad to let your smile

Keep on watching me from its own hideout
And keep on watching me while I try to shout
All my love for you and my need to prove
That I can state lines and let you blush
Instead of feeling wrong,
Like a poor Black Swan
Who has to build his hardest walls alone

Oh, well… sometimes,
You might show yourself as well as you can hide
Oh, then… this time,
You might be keen to get your smile
I’m a Poor Black Swan
You should leave me alone.
Time… gets a while if you can run
But for a lame tense pace like mine it’s not

You should try, dear, to feel terrified
By the will to give up saying ‘I love you’

Keep on watching me from your own hideout
And keep on watching me while I try to shout
All my love for you and my need to prove
That I can state lines and let you blush
Instead of feeling wrong,
Like a Poor Black Swan
Who has to build his hardest walls alone

Oh, well… sometimes,
You might show yourself as well as you can hide
Oh, then… this time,
You might show yourself as much as you can lie
Oh, well… tonight,
You might be so nice
To ask me how I feel inside
Oh dear, leave me within my walls… please
This is the century of Communication
And you are nothing without a fluent compensation
Between your intention and the way you are able to mention it
Well… all the swans are white and thank God I’m Black
And within my walls I will raise my strength
To say one day ‘the Black Swan is back’

Oh well… you’re right
You’re right ‘cause now I run much faster than my time
Oh dear… you’re right
You’re right ‘cause now I have got to thank your fucking smile
That gave me the biggest reason to fight
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